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Sync iCloud Photo Stream with Dropbox

If you use Dropbox to store all your photos taken using your iPhone and iPad and as of now you do it manually by using the Dropbox App for iPad even though it supports bulk upload, with iCloud you now get this sync automatically done for you. Moreover you need this because iCloud is limited to 1000 Photos for 30 days ...

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Recover Deleted Apps on iPad / iPhone using WiFi Sync or App Store

Many iDevice users had chaos right after the upgrade where they found all their app gone and started bashing out Apple but if one would have seen the iTunes messages and warnings just before upgrading to iOS5, you would never had done so. Cant blame it, we were all excited and we know how blindly most of us click on ...

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Apple makes it easy to ReDownload Purchased app on iPad and iPhone

Purchased Apps List on iPad

Caught in surprise but it seems App Store app on iPad have added another column called as Purchased which is in between Categories and Updates section. In fact this option is available for Books and Music As well. When you select this section you can see list of apps which you have bought from App Store. What is even more ...

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Video : How to Restart / Reset / Turn Off your Slow iPad

Reseting iPad

It so happened today on my iPad that any application I launched closed after a couple of seconds of running. It was happening with all iPad Games, Safari Browser and even the App Store. I had no idea what should I be doing as iPad doesn’t have a restart option somewhere in the iOS which I can use and what was strange ...

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How to make iTunes adopt to your iPad / iPhone Apps Layout

iPad Apps Layout

One of the biggest problem with syncing apps with iTunes is that it doesn’t accept your layout of your iPad or iPhone by default.  When you click on Sync Apps it warns that it will remove all the apps from your iPad and sync what is there in iTunes.  This is completely opposite, as  most of the time you download ...

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iPad to get Virtual Desktop Like feature

Apple Virtual Desktop for iPad

I remember discussing features of iPad with few friends and concept of Virtual Desktop or multiple screen was an interesting idea and Apple has filed a patent for that, as Patently Apple Reports. Looking at it, the first impression Set of  Tiles having live preview of the apps running This should act more as another screen on top of other which can ...

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How to add pdf files to iBooks from your computer ( iPad )

Download PDF to iBooks

Apple is very strict when it comes to add files from external sources, you should be using iTunes for every file you want to sync but then not all of us wants to do it that way. Coming to PDF files, if you are using iBooks for organizing all your e-books you can keep in sync the pdf files on ...

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Ditch Safari on iPad for Google Mobile App

Google Desktop Search in iOS App

Google Apps for iPad in its recent updated changed from just being an app to a complete ( almost ) browser with added benefit to search with your voice, using your Google account and use Google Search  with auto complete  like you do on your desktop. Now when I compare this with safari, Google Mobile app Search  with voice and ...

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