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How to create Albums in iPad when importing images

iPad Albums

If you do import lot of images to your iPad then you know that there is no direct option to create albums from iTunes and it can be done only from iPad so here is a quick tip to create albums into iPad Photos when you are importing images. Create a central place where you can have all the images ...

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iPad Tip : How to lock screen orientation in iOS 4.2

Lock iPad Screen Orenation

iOS 4.2 has turned the lock screen button into a mute screen button so the very obvious question is how do you lock your screen orientation now ? Funny but Apple had this feature hidden in back of all the background applications. Didn’t get it ? Lets see it step by step : Click the menu button / Home button ...

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How to fix iOS 4.2 WiFi Issue in iPad

IPad Wifi Issue

After installing the iOS 4.2 update yesterday, it seems there is still an issue with iPad connecting to a WiFi or hotspot automatically even if it shows it is connected in the settings section. The wifi icon does not show up. Issue summary : iPad is not connecting to WiFi router or hotspot automatically though in settings it shows its ...

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iPad Tip : How to close apps running in background

iPad close Background Applications

iPad with iOS 4.2 has capability of running process in background or call it simply multitasking ability. The disadvantage of this feature is that there will be apps running in background consuming battery life of iPad and your bandwidth. Well its not Windows or Mac that you can just get to see it right there so follow the steps below ...

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How to share iTunes purchased content between multiple computers

Transfer purchases in iTunes

When you switch between computers at Office or Work or even between computers at the same location, syncing your data between computer and your iPad / iPhone or iPad is pretty crucial. For example I have already bought some music from iTunes and now I want to share it on different computer. By default you cannot explore iPod or iPad like ...

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How to take screenshot in iPad and turn it off completely

Screenshot of iPad

This was of the first thing I looked upon after buying and what came out to be surprising is you don’t need any software to do this. All you need is press the button on top ( which is On/Off Sleep/Wake button ) and menu button together and a screenshot of the entire screen will be saved in the Photo ...

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