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Add Santa hats to your photo with free iPhone app

Add Santa Hat to Photos on iPhone and iPad

The holiday season is here; people are busy with Christmas celebration preparations. Several impressive applications for different mobile devices and platforms have been launched; in the same series, here is an excellent app for iPhone, which also is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch devices. It will allow you to add Santa hats to any photo and then share it ...

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Tunebox Streams music from Dropbox on iPhone / iPad

Tunebox Player

If you have planned to get the low storage iPhone or iPad and always worried that you will run out of space and the only choice is to keep only favorite music, then Tunebox has an awesome solution for you. This app allows you to stream music from your Dropbox Account over WiFi or 3G and lets you listen to your songs anywhere ...

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GeoPedia finds Wikipedia entry even for a street (iPad / iPhone App)

Geopedia app for iPad

If you are trying to find information of a certain place on Wikipedia, GeoPedia App for iPad and iPhone is a handy app which can find it for you. This application uses Google Maps for location search and Wikipedia as database with capacity of finding a Wikipedia entry even to a street level, if its available.  In simple language, it ...

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Manage traffic on your iPad : Traffic master ( Free Now )

Traffic Master Game

Traffic master turns you into a traffic controller of major cities like New York, Springfield, Miami.This game basically gets you on a crossing where lot of cars, trucks etc pass on. You need to make every pass through safely without accidents by either stooping them or accelerating them. This game is free for next two days so make sure you ...

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Google TV remote app for iPhone / iPad is here

Google TV Remote for iDevices

Google TV has officially launched an iOS app for iPhone, which works on iPad also, to remote control Google TV right.  The best part of this app is you can make search using voice and has back lights best suited when used at night. Another Geeky thing is and if you have multiple iphone or iPad each of them can ...

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Turn iPhone / iPad into a secret voice recorder

DropVox recoding and upload to dropbox

If you had always though of secretly recording conversations with somebody so you can use it as evidence when required, iPhone / iPad users are lucky to have dropvox. This application is capable of recording while it is running in background and upload it to a Dropbox account quietly. Yes nobody will know anything about it. All you will need ...

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Turn your computer ON from iPad / iPhone

The best experience to turn on a device is without touching it, such as I can turn on my Xbox using the controller if it is just connected to power. Same way if you want to turn on your computer remotely, iPad / iPhone lovers are lucky that there is an app for this. The App is named as Wake ...

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Create Email Groups in Contacts of iPad, iPhone using MailShot

Mailshot Group Email

Creating a group using your contacts is one feature still missing in iOS native contact application. Though it is possible to virtually create it by adding a comma after the email address and add new but the process is painful. MailShot is a free application ( as of now ) which gives you an interface to create a group of ...

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Google Transaltion App for iOS : Video Review

Google released its translation app for iOS devices i.e. iPad, iPhone and iPod which comes with voice support for 15 languages and you can translate by typing in between 57 languages. Below is a video demo of how this app works. ( Direct Link ) Features : Save your translation. Full screen view of the translated words, useful when you ...

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Big Bad Flower can test how fast is your reflex

Big Bad Flower Bubble Capture

Big Bad Flower will be another addictive game on your iPad, iPhone and iPod not only because you will love taking on your enemies saving the flower but it will make you react faster that you have ever imagined. It really tested by reflex when I tried it out today morning. What is this game about ? There is a ...

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