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Make your email / news letters Spam Proof : Is Not Spam

Few days back we talked about an Online Service Is this a Scam which allows you to check if an Email sent to you is a scam or not. Going the other way round if your email or news letter services are suffering from “Getting into Spam box” problem, Is Not Spam is one service just made for you. Is ...

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Get notified on Twitter when site comes back online

This could be the coolest online service for People who Blog and Twitter too. Dingitsup ( Via FiredBeef ) service allows you to get notified on twiiter when your site comes back again or gets down. I am emphasizing on gets back again because this will save you a lot of time from not doing refresh or hitting the enter ...

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Get notified when your site is down ( on Phone or Email )

In case you are always worried if your site / server is up or down and you loose lot of traffic when it goes down and you have no idea, its time to use Uptime Party which checks you site after every few minutes including all services like WEB, FTP , SSH and others. This service is free if you ...

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