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How to create and transfer Google Alerts to Non-Gmail Email Address

Google Alerts Non Gmail

Google Alerts is one of the services that always needed a Gmail account to receive it. But let’s say your primary email id is not on Gmail but instead on Yahoo or Outlook or Hotmail or any other service.  How do you get those alerts to Non-Gmail accounts? In this post, I will share a handy trick which allows you ...

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Google Alerts now powered with Real Time Search

Google Alerts Update

Google Alerts have now a new option in Type which says “Updates” and its pretty fast as it picks up data from Google’s Real Time search index. You can use this now get update faster from Twitter and Facebook without even going and making a search there. As soon as I did an alert change for this blog, There was ...

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Where did Google Web Alert go ?

Google Web Alerts

Around 4 days back I received ( I am sure you also did ) an Email from Google Alert Team saying that We’re contacting you because you have an alert of type Web. We’ve decided to retire Web alerts because (1) they are used by very few people and (2) an alert of type Everything will find the same results.   So ...

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