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How to use OneNote to make notes with Office Word

Office 2010 Word One Note Link

While reviewing or reading a Microsoft Office Word File, we often have doubts or some extra notes to add which is helpful for our reference. If you are totally into digital note taking mood, One Note and Word Integration in Office 2010 just got better for you, Linked Notes. Using Linked Notes you can add your points into OneNote and keep ...

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Recover unsaved documents in Word [ Office 2010 ]

Recover Unsaved Documents in Word

Many a times it so happens that you accidentally loose a document which you had been editing because of sudden machine failure or shutdown. Now, There is a cool feature in Microsoft Office Word 2010 which allows you to recover unsaved document. Update : This is possible in all the office products. You will have to navigate to Info > ...

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Creating Chemistry documents with MS Word made easy

Chemistry Editor

Here is a good news for all Chemistry Graduates and PhD’s, If you had created documents using word and have always missed inserting  chemical bonds representations, here is an excellent Chemistry Addin for word which can help students, chemists and researchers to insert and change chemical information using the rich editor which you will fall in love with. The editor ...

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Microsoft Word link checker plugin

It happens many a times that you had created a report using word document and had linked lot of pages and sections within the document so that you boss can easily navigate the references but he simple blows you at the end of the day saying “None of your links are working”. Bam!! All hardwork you did was spoiled because ...

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Using Hyphenation in Word [ Microsoft Office ]

Hyphenation or Hyphen in short is probably something we had learn when we were in school and had been using it always in our notebooks when we cannot fit it into the same line. Though we had been told not use it as it doesn’t look good but if you really intend to use it and that in Microsoft Office ...

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How to sort tables in Microsoft Office Word

We all are familiar with sorting in excel most of the time but what if you have a table in Microsoft office Word and there is no reason for you to use Excel at that moment . This question came up while discussing with my friend online and he asked why Word doesn’t have sort. Well even I did not ...

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Notepad + Password = Lock Note

Lock Note is a special stand alone porgram which is exactly like notepad utility in windows but has facility of protecting it with a password. As you save it creates another exe which contains your text and can only be opened with the password you provided. This makes it perfect as you dont need to install anything to open it. ...

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How to save office documents as pdf [ Office Tip ]

If you are looking for a tool which can save Microsoft office word , excel or ppt documets as PDF you dont need one any more with Microsoft Office 2007. Just Download and install the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS and you will be able to see Save as option of PDF in the drop ...

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