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How to track for changed files and folders in Windows 10

Date Modified Windows Search

Many a time it becomes hectic to find what files got changed every day either from your web server or even your file system on the hard disk.  The only way to do it is by using a timestamp, but it is not only tedious but also time-consuming, especially when the change is very dynamic. In this post, we will ...

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How to remove Network Locations from This PC in Windows 10

remove Network Locations This PC

Starting with Windows XP, through Vista and then Windows 8 and Windows 10, My Computer or This PC displays files and folders shared on the computer. If you want to remove this Shared Folder or remove Network Locations from This PC in Windows 10, here is how you can remove it. How to remove Network Locations from This PC in ...

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How to create Multiple Folders at the same time in Windows 10

create Multiple Folders

Creating a single folder is what we do all the time, but let’s say you would like to create ten folders. Little hard work right. Even we face problems like it, but the good news is that there are some smart solutions for this situation. In this post, we will show how you can create multiple folders at the same ...

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List of Free software to find empty folders in Windows 10

find empty folders Windows

Many a time, you create folders and then empty them but forget to delete.  Now when you try to clean up your computer, you keep getting into the folder to see if its containing files or not, and all you end up is with peeking into empty folders. In this post, we will share a list of software that can ...

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Track Folder Changes Live

Track Folder Changes

When you share a folder with friends or have an important folder which is being used by some other program which could be syncing or backing it up, many a times they mess up by accidentally a file. This is something you did not expect. So today we have another software in or Monitor Shared Files & Folders Tools and ...

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Get notified when new files are added in a shared folder

Share Watcher Options

In Office environment sharing folders and then emailing people about is very common thing but then it becomes painful when you need to update all of them again or you get tired of polling the folder all the time for new content every time somebody shared a folder with you. Share Watcher is shared folder tracking software which feature to ...

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Track changes in any Folder Live!

Live Folder Watch

Watch 4 Folders is a brilliant folder tracking application which can notify pre-configured events and log it for you. This application can watch fro File Create, Rename, Delete, Free Space Change, Folder Rename, Delete Create and also if a USB or CD is inserted. Apart from getting a log, you can also opt for popup notification or even execute some ...

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Mirror Folder keeps your folder structure in sync

Mirror Folders

Keeping same data in your laptop and on your computer is what many of us do but what if you do not want the complete backup but only sync files you want between your computer but still have the same folder structure on both computer. Why not have the complete data  ? Lets think a bit about it. Lets say ...

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Unable to access WHS shared folders ?

WHS Shared Folders

I just reinstalled the Windows Home Server again which was before running in Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper V. When I tried connecting a client machine  ( Windows 7 )  to the server machine by using the connector, I got an error message which asked me to remove the already installed connector. It seems the connector installed is hard-coded and cannot be changed. ...

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How to find new files added to Windows drive

Finding new files in windows is little difficult though you can do it by using bit of filters and search stuff but there is no ways a Windows user can find out what was lately added to any drive. Bit of pain but may be we can get it in next windows version but till then Ghacks found Drive Sort. ...

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