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Make Windows Choose Lan Over Wifi : Switch Network Automatically

Advance Settings for Adapters and Bindings

In a scenario where your laptop or computer is connected to multiple network, lets say Lan ( Wired ) and WiFi, it may happen that your computer choose WiFi as the main network hence looks for every network transfer first through WiFi and then to LAN. This results in various issues like you might be connected to Internet but the ...

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Do you switch work place a lot ? Quick Config can help you

Quick Config Settings

Availability of Internet has made it possible for people carrying laptop to work from any where they want, Coffee Shops, Airport, Home, Office and it’s absolutely seamless. Sometimes back we talked about NetSetMan, which aids in this process by changing IP configuration when you switch network. Now what if you want to change few things more, say the default mail ...

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Free application to draw Network diagrams, UML, etc.

Free application to draw Network diagrams, UML, Flowcharts, Architectural designs, etc.

Here is a free application, known as CADE, is a very impressive application for drawing different types of diagram. Once you install and launch this application (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 is must) you can see the types of ready-made components on the left panel, these can be used to create diagram easily. In order to bring these components on your ...

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How to restrict users to change Network Locations in Windows 7

Network List Manager Policies

Windows 7 Network Location is pretty amazing feature not only because it remembers the default printer for each location but it also lets you run certain task based on it. For example when you connect to Office network you want backups to be done to local drive from office network drive to local and reverse when you connect to  home ...

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How to Add Windows 7 computer to Windows Home Server using Home Group

Status of Connected computers with WHS

I had played around the new Beta Version Vail and found it very useful if you have like 4-5 computers at home and you want to manage each of them and also give them a central place for media, softwares, file etc. With Introduction to Home Group Concept in Windows 7, Windows Home Server has also taken complete advantage of this and now ...

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Manage Windows Routing tables with Net Route View

Windows Route utility ( Route.exe ) is used to manage routing tables defined in Windows. These routing tables are important as they are like maps for your computer network to find it way in or out and also decide alternate routes in high traffic. Route.exe is the windows command line utility which allows you to manage it but if you ...

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Network Whiteboard for IT Admins

often IT Admins who take care of networking and building infrastructure for Big companies require to draw maps on to explain how it will look when all hardware, severs etc will look when put together. Network Whiteboard is a free application which helps you design in such situations. It creates a diagram which looks like a use case diagram except ...

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Advance Port Scanner tells you If Someone Is on your Home Network

Advance Port Scanner is a free utility which allows you to scan a range of IP address and displays list of computers and if they are connected to your network.  This doesnt happen all the time but if something causes a suspicion you need to check it for secure home network to safeguard  your files and folders. This works on ...

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Quick Config changes network profile, default printer and more in a click

Moving into different network and domain environment is common these days, specially for people who need to visit lot of clients and get in and out of their working area all the time. Though Windows 7 allows you to choose security settings for networks and also the default printer according to that but still there is lot many things like ...

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Bring those blinking network activity lights to Windows 7

Remember days of Windows XP ? Ok I know you still have but do you remember those two tiny computer which used to go on and off showing network activity when your computer was connected to lan or any network ?  Yes you got it right, On the system tray! With Windows 7 and Vista those were gone, now you ...

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How to access network files when offline : Windows Sync

Windows 7 has a unique utility called as Sync Center. This program takes care of syncing  and making network files and folders available to you even if the source is offline. The Windows Sync is available in Control Panel > Sync Center. Before you start working lets us understand the concept of Offline Files in terms of Windows Sync Center. ...

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