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Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook window

Microsoft Repair Office

Today morning when I tried launching Microsoft Office 2010, I was greeted by this message – Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. It was a bit of an issue as I am a heavy user of Outlook for checking all my mails. In this post, I will show how you can resolve this problem. Cannot start Microsoft ...

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Instantly Backup and Restore Office Outlook settings

Backup Restore Office Outlook settings

Once I had a problem with my office computer, and IT admin had to do a complete re-installation. The most I was considered was about Outlook. I had a lot of email rules, server settings, etc. which takes a lot of time to configure. I had no worries about my mail because I already had located them to different drives, ...

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Delay Delivery: Send future emails from Outlook

Send future emails from Outlook

Delay Delivery is an excellent feature in Outlook if you want to send emails later, i.e., Send a future email. You can use this feature in two ways. One by setting this option for the emails you want or second by creating rules where you can specify conditions that will make it delay. It is applied to Outlook connected to ...

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Access Outlook Address book without starting Outlook

Many a time when you just need to access Contact Book in your Outlook, you just hate to launch it because of many reasons like Starting Time, Waiting time because it automatically starts syncing or just too lazy to do so much of the work. NirSoft has developed software which allows you to access your Outlook Address book without even ...

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Share Dropbox Files from Outlook

Xobni and Dropbox Integration

Xobni Addon for Outlook allows you to access all your Dropbox files and then email a shared link with anybody. The advantage is you don't have to open Dropbox in a browser. Also the shared files are moved to Public folder so any update is not reflected unless you need to.

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Read Emails from PST / OST files without Outlook

Outlook OST Viewer

Lets say you have switched to a new computer and have the PST or OST file , but don’t have Outlook Installed and nor have internet configured so you can read the details of a particular mail or note which you stored in your Outlook.  You are stuck because Windows does not have a PST / OST viewer in place. ...

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How to import Outlook Email Settings into iPad

Sync Mail Accounts from Outlook to iPad

iPad when it comes to Windows has a good support at least for Office Outlook. So if you have already mail accounts configured in your Outlook and now want to have the same mail accounts into your iPad also, iTunes has just a very easy way to do it. Connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. I am ...

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How to Synchronize Folders in Office Outlook : FolderSync

Folder Synchronization in Outlook

Office Outlook allows you to create folders where you can keep your mails or notes organized but it may so happen that you want to have an exact copy of your Inbox into another folder that can be used as backup or if you lose an email from primary inbox you can restore it from the other folder. FolderSync Addin ...

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Outlook 2010 : How to create search folder using Query Builder

Query Builder Difference Outlook 2007-10

Query Builder is a hack which lets you combine multiple search criteria and use it in logical OR / AND conditions. To enable query builder in Outlook 2010 follow the same steps which we talked about in the post for Outlook 2007. The only difference between the previous version of Outlook when compared to 2010  is in way of creating ...

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