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How to set time limits for users in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with an out of the box feature which allows you to set time limit or block a Windows user for some part of the day. It is handy If you would not like your kid to log in unless he finishes his homework or wants to fix just two hours of the day for him to use ...

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Managing Games in Windows 7

From Vista Games have changed a lot in Windows and it continues the saga in Windows 7. Today we will explore what Games section has for us and how we can manage it best. You can launch games by typing games in start menu. Click  Games Explorer to launch. Once you launch the games you show see two sections, One ...

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How to set effective parental control on Vista

Children Safety, In this term, there are 2 different perspectives to see. First is on their mental problem when exposed to the adult sites and videos. Second is the Logical stress facing the malicious scripts (Viruses, Spyware, and so on). Vista has a great Parental Control for your children. Parental Control is design for your Children Safety and avoids them ...

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