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Free Android app guides you back to your Parked Car

Get back to your car or any location with free android application

This is something very common, probably we all have had a really tough time searching for our car or bike, as we parked it somewhere and forgot, or may be the area you are in isn’t very well known to you, you parked your car somewhere and went for shopping, meeting or whatever, and when you return you simply don’t ...

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Forgot to move your car out of parking ? TixSux is here

If your Car Dashboard has lot of parking tickets its nothing new. Most of us forget to move our car from parking and get not so welcomed parking tickets. Tix Sux is one service which can help you to reduce those by calling you up and remind you that you have a car to move out. Here is what you ...

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Find free parking spots, garages and bicycle racks

Finding a free parking spot is a number one ticker for people driving out for movies or stations and the most poking shopping activities.  But in case you are in New York City, Brooklyn or  Queens, you just got lucky. Primo Spot, an online service can help you find an available free parking spot in these areas. If you are ...

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