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Generate Strong passwords which you need not remember

strong passwords not remember

A strong password is one thing every online user should have for an account he or she uses. Its required and suggested, but to remember them, especially with those which are complicated, it becomes tedious. Today we are sharing SuperGenPass. While you use a simple password that you can remember, the bookmarklet which the service offers can convert it into ...

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Simple passwords are also strong if you can make it special


Passwords are a critical way to secure your data online and on your computer. To make sure they are not hackable, we tend to create passwords that have Alphabets in uppercase, use special characters, etc but according to Microsoft Research section, simple passwords are also strong unless not many are using it. Simple passwords are also strong The strategy involves ...

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Firefox: How to Export username and password from Profiles

Firefox Export username password

Many of us use the browser for saving username passwords of different websites. Firefox also offers inbuilt password manager, and it can sync it across devices. While they are encrypted and locked down with your account, if you ever wanted to export username and password from Firefox, here is an extension that can get the job done for you. Instead ...

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Create a strong password key with MD5 Hash Creator

MD 5 or SHA-1 or MD4 are few algorithms which create a unique key for a uniqe set of characters. These are not only secured but pretty much difficult to break. Today while I was having a discussion with one of my school friend he asked me if he can create prettuy much strong key and remember that also with ...

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How to manage and backup network passwords in Windows Vista

Many a times you must have been asked to enter username password when you access a network resource or a site on Internet which cannot be accessed without a credentials.  This is what is termed as Network passwords. Windows Vista has a feature ( I have seen it on Windows Server edition also ) which allows you to maintain your ...

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Create strong password based on your personal information

generally its not recommended to have password based on personal information like date of birth, name or favorite words etc etc. But then again to remember difficult password is another job. You need to save it some where or manage your self. But if you still want to use personal information , Password Bird is one online service which lets ...

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Create up to 50 highly secure and safe passwords in one click

PC Tools Password Generator is a nice tool, which allows you to create 50 or less, passwords with one click, these passwords and highly safe and secure. You just need to choose the character specifications of your passwords, and finally choose the number of passwords you want to create, as shown below. If you choose the ‘Show Phonetics ‘, the ...

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