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Generate Strong passwords which you need not remember

strong passwords not remember

A strong password is one thing every online user should have for an account he or she uses. Its required and suggested, but to remember them, especially with those which are complicated, it becomes tedious. Today we are sharing SuperGenPass. While you use a simple password that you can remember, the bookmarklet which the service offers can convert it into ...

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Firefox: How to Export username and password from Profiles

Firefox Export username password

Many of us use the browser for saving username passwords of different websites. Firefox also offers inbuilt password manager, and it can sync it across devices. While they are encrypted and locked down with your account, if you ever wanted to export username and password from Firefox, here is an extension that can get the job done for you. Instead ...

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PassPlex is an easy Password generator

PassPlex Password Generator

If you in hurry and need a strong password for an account, PassPlex is an easy to use tool which creates strong password instantly. The best part of this tool is easy to use and options to create strong password. For example you can choose to have special character or numbers or both. You can also choose the length of ...

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What is 3D Password Scheme


Secure authentication scheme is one of the most important requirements of current times, considering the fact that more and more activities are being online, let it be shopping, data access from clouds, etc. No doubt there are several authentication schemes already available and being used worldwide, however these pre-existing password and authentication schemes have several vulnerabilities. Drawbacks for Pre-existing Password ...

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Lock partitions, USB devices and CD / DVD Rom

Many homes have a single computer which is shared by all the members of the family. In this scenario all the files are exposed to all the members i.e that’s how windows work there is no restriction which drive or files can be accessed, so even if you few important files you cannot track if somebody deleted it or if ...

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Skip locking Windows, Lock applications now!!

Many a times reasoning that computer is locked is not just enough for your mom or dad to keep away unwanted visitors who want to use your computer for doing something just for 2 minutes  which ultimately leads to total sneak peek of your computer. How about locking the application itself ? Lock it is simple windows application which locks ...

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Recover Lost Instant Messenger Passwords

Recently Shweta wasnt able to figure out her password for yahoo but she used to login successfully because of the good evil remember password habit. Funny but people can look at you with raised eyebrows if you cannot remember your password. Passwords which we often remember or store in popular yahoo messengers like MSN, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk ...

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How to use Bit Locker to encrypt and password protect data on USB drives

BitLocker is a drive encryption technique which is used to secure your data with password and data is encrypted using a strong encryption algorithm.  It is possible to encrypt almost any device like your hard disk partitions or a USB  or thumb drives. Also to unlock the USB device on any other machine you would need Bit Locker to be ...

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Create a strong password key with MD5 Hash Creator

MD 5 or SHA-1 or MD4 are few algorithms which create a unique key for a uniqe set of characters. These are not only secured but pretty much difficult to break. Today while I was having a discussion with one of my school friend he asked me if he can create prettuy much strong key and remember that also with ...

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Windows 7 : Private folders lets you share data with password

Windows 7 when combined with Pismo get’s an incredible feature of creating password protected folders ( *.pfo ) which they call as Private Folders.  It is just like any other folder to which you can add any folder and do any operation but not password protections just comes out of the box in Windows 7. Updated : To create a ...

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How to manage and backup network passwords in Windows Vista

Many a times you must have been asked to enter username password when you access a network resource or a site on Internet which cannot be accessed without a credentials.  This is what is termed as Network passwords. Windows Vista has a feature ( I have seen it on Windows Server edition also ) which allows you to maintain your ...

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Encrypt and Password protect files with File Protector

Whenever we have to safeguard files from anybody all we do is keep it hidden either in system folder or just somewhere where people will expect it least.  My friends used to blame me for this but sometimes its more of necessity as you just cannot share. But there is a catch, No matter how much you hide the files ...

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