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Soluto figures applications which slows Windows Boot

Soluto PC History

Past couple of months my computer running Windows 7 started taking lot of time to boot.  The problem wasn’t the actual boot process but what happened once I logged into my user account.  Couple of applications were loading, messenger auto login and so on.  So what I did was remove some of the applications from starting and even delayed them ...

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Change Mouse click actions for specific programs ( Microsoft Mouse )

Precision Booster Assiggnment

Many a times when using certain applications we feel if the default mouse actions i.e. Left Click, Right Click ,  Middle Scroll can be changed to some common actions of the application itself. For example if need to copy paste a lot in application you would like to change the middle button to do paste when you click it. If ...

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Magically turn off everything in your computer when idle

System Silencer

Right from saving yourself from Start up Embarrassment in Airplanes to Playing of your buffered video when you are not around there, there is an app for it. In fact you can slowly turn down the volume as you go to sleep but now we have All in one app which takes care of most of the annoying and embarrassing ...

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Easy way to monitor and analyze Windows Logs

Even Log Viewer

Windows comes with an in built feature to record all the activities that is happening in the system. This system logger also logs down application failures, crashes, logs related to system, administration and security. Even Log Explorer is a free application which is better than Windows Log Viewer because of better user interface i.e. Tabbed interface and ability to connect ...

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How to automatically restart a crashed application

Restart on Crash Application

If you had used IE 8 or any Office Product, there is a crash recovery system built inside it. This recovery system helps you restart the application and take you back to place where the application crashed. Very handy specially with the browsers where I can get the tabs back. Same functionary can be attained for every application running in windows by ...

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Monitor PC health sensors with HWMonitor

Hardware Monitor

High End CPU require regular maintaincese and continious monitoring of how each and every part of the system is performing. HWMonitor is free software which keeps track of system health like voltages, temperatures, fans speed etc.  To get accurate result it communicates with the inbuilt sensor on your motherboard and cpu like on-die core thermal sensors, S.M.A.R.T for hard drives etc. ...

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Tabbles makes file management better in Windows [ Give Away ]

How files are related

Organizing Files and Folders in a computer is never easy be it any OS and the problem is the way they are treated.  Back 20 years not every user had computer and nor did we have so many files and folders to work around with you but fast forward to now there is a whole new meaning how you arranged ...

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Troubleshoot your Windows 7 PC with Fix it Center

Fix it Center

Troubleshooting Windows PC is a common scenario which we all do to solve issues that pops up from time to time. Right from Windows 7, Automated Troubleshooting became a part of the operating system. This not only helps you understand what is getting fixed but gives Microsoft a good feedback on their operating system is behaving in different environment. Also ...

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Sonar technique in computers saves electricity

No ground breaking technology here but the best software to turn of your monitor when you are not there even for 5 seconds. Yup that is what Sonar Power management software does and it passed our test for one complete day. This application has 2 ways of detecting if a user is sitting before computer or not. Producing ultrasonic sound ...

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Find more information about a DLL or Exe with DLL checker

DLL or dynamic linked libraries are one of the components required by many windows application to run smoothly. Now it happens that you have a dll which you want to use but aren’t aware if you can use it because you dont know anything about it. DLL Checker is an exclusive program which reads a DLL or an EXE and ...

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How to setup Windows XP mode in Windows 7

Since Windows Vista there is a compatibility mode enabled for every program which allows users to run programs like they are running in Windows XP machine. Same goes for Windows 7. It allows users to run programs which were running in Windows XP and Windows Vista under compatibility mode. However some of the applications might just not work due to ...

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