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How to keep your Old PC running smooth Part 2 [ PC Tips ]

In my last post I discussed the Software Activities to maintain your PC, Now I am going, to discuss some hardware activities, which should be performed manually by the user to keep your PC healthy. Cleaning the RAM Importance of RAM in a PC, does not need any explanations, so, in order to keep your RAM working properly, you can ...

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How to lock your computer using USB stick

My Lock Application

If you are tired of people who use your computer without your permission and change anything they like, here is a small trick which will not even allow your computer to boot without a USB stick , which acts as a key to boot your PC. For Windows 7 check the list of tools which I have discussed at the end. Locking ...

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How to keep your Old PC running Smooth? [ PC Tips ]

Defragment Hard Drives

Owning an old PC, takes a lot, as far as the maintenance part is concerned, you need to take good care of it. Here I am trying to offer few tips to maintain your old PC and Make It  Fast. Defragment your Hard Drives Regularly Fragments are small chunks of free memory, spread all over the hard-drive, Defragmenting the drive, ...

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How to better Defragment paging files and registry hives

Windows 7, Xp and Vista comes with built in support to defragment your hard disk to speed up or increase your computer / PC performance. However the default defragment is limited to files scattered around your hard disk. There are even tools available which allows you to faster defrag in pretty much less time. However none of the software’s allows ...

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Track handles, DLL and Processes with Process Explorer

Process Explorer

Process Explorer gives you an extra hand to manage process, handles, dlls on windows vista and XP over windows task manager. Task Manager gives you a basic set of control over processes running under windows. Process Explorer goes on step ahead and can tell you what are the files and dll’s are open and loaded for any running process by ...

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Download Free Antivirus for Windows Xp and Vista

Virus, Trojans and worms they all belong to the same family and are the greatest threats while you surf Internet. They can potentially get downloaded to your system if you are not using anti-spyware or a good anti-virus. Today Nirmal found some FREE Antivirus applications which can be used on XP and Vista (some of them). If you are using ...

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How to shutdown and restart PC with a shortcut ?

There are several ways you can shut down your personal computer but most of them are tedious and involve more than one step. Now imagine if you are in a hurry and you just want to shut down by one click what would you do? Honestly you just cant do anything other than the tedious stepped steps. In this post ...

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Five crucial tips to protect your PC

It’s dangerous today if you couldn’t protect your beloved PC from intruder or Viruses on the web. Since Telecommunication is very advance today, even by letting your Bluetooth “on” while in the mall, You’ll get infected by Malicious Codes!Below is my 5 tips to protect your PC from several harms and Intruders: How to protect your pc Get a Router ...

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How to troubleshoot PC in 10 steps

Personal Computer is one of the most important aspect of life now. Be it games or internet you just need one. But what do you do when it turns off ? It just wont start and you have an important work to do. Well in most of the cases we will just call the help from where you took the ...

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