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Autosave forms data and recover it quickly

text Area form data

Filling forms for registration or submitting online forms for a request in tech support are few of the everyday activities which we do every day on the internet. Forms are everywhere. But sometimes its our bad luck that we lose data after we submit the data. So in this post, I will share extension for Chrome and Firefox which will ...

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Apps to Read PDF like a Book, Flipping Pages

Create PDF files and Read PDF files in flip style like a book Soda 3D PDF Reader

There is no scarcity of PDF readers in the market, there are loads and loads of options, also there are several PDF Reader Applications which come for free. We all do read several PDF files, and hence PDF readers are very important part of every computer user’s life. Generally the readers available allow you to read the PDF files as ...

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Open and edit PDF files and Forms within the Firefox [add-on]

Open and edit PDF files and Forms within the Firefox

I am sure you would have used PDFescape at some point of time. PDFescape is a free online tool, which can be used to serve all your PDF file related needs, like a reader, an editor, form filler and much more. You can simply go to the PDFescape official page, and start using it instantly, as such you don’t even ...

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Windows 8 to have built-in PDF Reader

Minimalistic design and Appx based Built-in PDF reader coming with Windows 7

We have been hearing about news related to upcoming Windows 8. Here is the news – Windows 8 will have a Built-in PDF Reader, named as Modern Reader, this is great news for sure. Having a PDF Reader of its own is probably a feature every Windows user has been dreaming for long. Paul Thurrott revealed this in his post ...

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Take snapshot of parts of PDF documents in iPad

PDF Snaphsot Save to Photos

It may so happen that you might not want to share a complete pdf document with someone but only a part of it.  If you are on a desktop taking a screenshot is an easy job but when you are on the move with iPad its difficult. Yes you can take screen shot and then edit with some image editor ...

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Free tool to Merge and Split PDF files online

Free online tool to Merge two PDF files in one

Merging multiple PDF files in one, and splitting a PDF files in multiple PDF files (based upon various splitting parameters) is often required while dealing with PDF files. There are several tools which allow you to deal effectively with PDF files. Here is a set of two online tools, named as iPDF2Merge and iPDF2Split. User interface for both the tools ...

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Free software to Rearrange, delete pages and merge multiple PDF files

free software to Rearrange, delete pages from a PDF file, merge multiple PDF files in one

If the nature of your work/job is such that you need to play around with lots of PDF files, you definitely need something more than a PDF Reader, right? Here is free desktop application, named as PdfJumbler, this standalone application does all the jobs like, Rearranging, and deleting the pages of PDF file, and merging multiple PDF files, beautifully. PdfJumbler ...

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Free EBook Reader supports multiple formats: KooBits

free ebook reader to download and read book from bookstore

We have been posting about several types of EBook Readers and other possible options; here is another free EBook reader, named as KooBits. KooBits is an Adobe AIR based desktop application, so before you plan to install it, make sure you have the AIR installed on your system. If I say that KooBits is an EBook reader on steroids, that ...

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Using Foxit Create PDF toolbar as standalone PDF creator

Create PDF files for Free with FPDFCT

Foxit has launched a PDF Creator Toolbar for Windows; this is an awesome way to create PDF files from almost any printable file. You simply need to download the executable file as setup to Foxit PDF Creator Toolbar, later; you come to see a Toolbar in your web browser window, as shown below. This toolbar, like any other toolbar has ...

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In case of Emergency, Create PDF from Adobe CreatePDF

Create PDF from Adobe

If you are in hurry or in case of emergency where the computer you are using doesn’t have any kind of software that allows you to create PDF file and sending PDF file across to someone is your requirement, CreatePDF service from Adobe lets you create 5 PDF files and then download it for free. It supports most of the ...

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Web 2 PDF creates smart navigation for web pages

Web2PDF Smart PDF creation

When you create PDF for any long webapge and later on when somebody makes search to find something it becomes a total mess. The only reason that most of the such PDF service just print it plain. Web2PDF is an exception here. This service when creating a PDF for any Web Page, reads the sections available in webpages in form ...

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Best Free PDF Reading Apps for iPad ( PDF Readers )

iPad PDF Apps

After getting an iPad, finding a good PDF reader was one of the primary things to do because PDF is one of the standard document formats used in email attachments and even online so anybody on any platform can read it. Though iPad come with a built-in support for PDF through the inbuilt Mail application, Safari Browser mail browser  and ...

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