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In case of Emergency, Create PDF from Adobe CreatePDF

Create PDF from Adobe

If you are in hurry or in case of emergency where the computer you are using doesn’t have any kind of software that allows you to create PDF file and sending PDF file across to someone is your requirement, CreatePDF service from Adobe lets you create 5 PDF files and then download it for free. It supports most of the ...

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Web 2 PDF creates smart navigation for web pages

Web2PDF Smart PDF creation

When you create PDF for any long webapge and later on when somebody makes search to find something it becomes a total mess. The only reason that most of the such PDF service just print it plain. Web2PDF is an exception here. This service when creating a PDF for any Web Page, reads the sections available in webpages in form ...

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Best Free PDF Reading Apps for iPad ( PDF Readers )

iPad PDF Apps

After getting an iPad, finding a good PDF reader was one of the primary things to do because PDF is one of the standard document formats used in email attachments and even online so anybody on any platform can read it. Though iPad come with a built-in support for PDF through the inbuilt Mail application, Safari Browser mail browser  and ...

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Online Services to meet all your media conversion needs

Conversion Options at onlineConVert.com

Online file conversion is something which really makes it damn convenient to convert files from one format to other, without any type of installation.  Wn often need to convert video, pdf, images, word documents and what not. I am listing down six services which you should bookmark. #1 online-ConVert.com online-ConVert.com allows you to several types of file conversion, and also ...

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Adobe Reader to get Protected Mode

PDF Protected View

Dont get surprised after the next update of the PDF reader from Adobe, you start getting message saying that the PDF document is in protected mode similar to what have in Microsoft Office 2010 ( Learn More about Office Protected View ) and in Chrome Browser. Adobe announced on their official security blog that they are working with Microsoft and Chrome ...

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Convert PDF drawings to Autocad compatible DWG and DXF format

Convert to Autocad

For minimal use only. Many a times when you receive documents from client with drawings of what they want, it becomes difficult to get them into AutoCad compatible formats like DWG or DXF formats. Then you have to do some extra work manually or use a professional software for that. However if you have a minimal use, Convert PDF to Autocad is a good option. This ...

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Rotate, Merge and Split PDF with PDForsell

Rotate Merge Split PDF

PDForsell is an amazing free utility which allows you to rotate, merge and split PDF files within seconds. I find this useful in case where : You want to correct some pages of PDF files which have incorrect rotation. You can create a book preview of your e-Book by splitting parts or one chapter and give it out for free. You can ...

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Split and Merge PDF Files online

Significance of PDF files and the PDF tools in a computer user’s life is totally unquestionable. We often need to merge, split, or extract a particular page from a PDF file. Here is an online tool, ILovePDF, which can merge multiple PDF files, split a PDF file, and the splitting feature has an option to extract pages as well. The ...

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Convert any webpage to PDF using a bookmarklet

We have been posting about several free PDF tools, this time it is a bookmarklet which can convert any webpage to PDF. PdfMyURL is an online tool which asks you to enter the URL of a webpage to get the PDF version of the same. As shown above you can either access the PdfMyURL page, enter the URL and later ...

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Merge and Split multiple PDF files with GIOS

GIOS Merge and Split PDF application is an advanced Windows software which allows you to merge and split pdf or any scanned documents  ( Images ) without any limitation.  This is an open source software which works flawlessly without any high memory footprint. Features : Split / Merge multiple PDF files. Supports creation of projects which can be used again ...

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STDU Viewer: a document viewer for multiple file formats

Reading eBooks and documents is one of the universal tasks every computer and internet has to do on a frequent basis. Generally a nice PDF viewer will suffice in most of the cases, here is another application which can help you read such files, however the supported formats for this application isn’t just PDF, this small application named as STDU ...

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Add Print to PDF in Google Reader using Save Page as PDF

In our site we have a print to PDF option right under every post. We utilize Save Page as PDF or Web to PDF utility of PDF Online to do this. It basically takes the URL and prints it as PDF. For cleaner printing we had even mixed it with the print plugin  which gives cleaner output i.e. Uses only ...

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