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Periodic Table of Google’s APIs and Products

Google Product API Periodic Table

Thanks to RJ, if you want to learn all the Google Products and Its API, related to Mobile, Search, Gadgets, Data API’s, Social, Advertisement, Geo based,Tools, Chrome and other miscellanea products you can do it just in one page. This table is like the Periodic Table and links directly to the products website. You should bookmark it. You can hover ...

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Download Free Periodic Table App for iPad

Periodic Table for iPad Group

If you are looking for free Periodic Table for your iPad which provides you the basic information but not too less, Periodic Table for Elements in iTunes is what you should go for. This application displays all the elements of periodic table which can be grouped according to Periodic Number Periodic Group. Metal E.N. Radioactive Elements Melting and Boiling Points ...

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Creating Chemistry documents with MS Word made easy

Chemistry Editor

Here is a good news for all Chemistry Graduates and PhD’s, If you had created documents using word and have always missed inserting  chemical bonds representations, here is an excellent Chemistry Addin for word which can help students, chemists and researchers to insert and change chemical information using the rich editor which you will fall in love with. The editor ...

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A Flash based periodic table for your desktop

We have talked about Online Periodic table twice of which Ptable was the best but if you want something which runs on your desktop this one from MCH Multimedia  is a good option ( though it uses flash and your browser to display ). Apart from detailed information with atomic mass, atomic number, period number, melting point, boiling point and ...

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Ptable : The best online (Dynamic ) Periodic Table

Periodic Tables are must for a Chemistry student but since more of us venture online finding details out of old school periodic table is damn tough.  We need something that can just tell us all properties like melting point to hardness of an element when you click it. PTable is a Dynamic Online Periodic table which you would love to ...

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Online Periodic Table

I had loved chemistry from the school times. Though I didn’t get into that in future but getting to know elements, their properties and features had been always exciting to me. School days are over but I got a chance again to explore them and this time I found the Online Perodic table  of elements. Webelements is one site dedicated ...

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