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Replace a celebrity face with yours, get hillarious mashups

Free iPhone iPod Touch and iPad app to place your face on a celebrity pic

Celebrity Mashup from Replace your Face is a Free iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app, which can be downloaded to create some damn hilarious photos. What is actually does is it allows you to replace a face on a Celebrity pic, from your own i.e. you can put your face on a celebrity pic and remove the actual face from ...

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Add your photos on billboard, car, film strip, Rubik’s Cube etc.

Add your Photos on TV, Cars, Scenic Views, billboards etc.

Looks like the number of online services which allow you to play around with your photos, by adding your photo on several objects like, billboards, TV, Celebrity T-shirt, superhero’s body etc. is growing every day. Here is another service on same lines; this too has several effects (presets) available like other counterparts, and name of this service is PicJoke.com. You ...

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Add a grain effect to your photos, like grains in old analog photos

Add grain Effect to Photos to make them look like old Analog Photos

There are so many ways to add some special effects to your photos; probably all of us enjoy playing around with photos. We have featured several tools, using which you can enjoy adding effects to your photos, here is another tool, named as Film Grain, this standalone app can be used to add grain effect to your photos (remember those ...

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Add Glamor Effect to your photos, and look like a Model

Add glamor to your Photos, Glamour Filter

Here is a small standalone application which can help you to add some glamor to your photos. This application named as Glamour enhances the colors on your photo, to give a more glamorous look. Shown below is a before and after image processed by Glamour. As you can see it has enhanced the colors to look more vibrant. Once you ...

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Sites to have fun with your photos

Want to spice up your photos by adding them to a hoarding, magazine cover, LCD T.V. etc. or maybe you want to add your photos on currency notes etc. Here is a list of 5 free sites which allow you to do such things, and that too very easily, with in few seconds. JPGfun – JPGfun has more than 200 ...

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Shape Collage Online: Create and share Collages using your online photos

Ashish has already written about Shape Collage, which is an awesome desktop application to create Collage from your photos available on your local storage. Now, Shape Collage has introduced the online version, Shape Collage Online. All you need to do is, give the URLs (one URL per line) or you can give a URL of particular set of photos from ...

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Crop, rotate and add Shadow to your photos online: Cut My Pic

We have talked about several Image editing tools and also about some resources which allow you to have fun with your photos. Here is another image editing tool, which can help you crop your photos, and at the same time this online tool helps you to add rounded corners and shadow effect in your photos. The interface of Cut My ...

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MagoFun: Another service to add your photo on Magazine Covers

We have been talking about several services to have fun with your photos, these services allow you to play around with your photos in several ways, some allow you to add your photos to celebrity’s T-shirts, some allow you to create fake magazine covers and much more. Here is the new entrant in the series, MagoFun, a service which lets ...

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Feature yourself on Magazine Covers and buy the printed version of same

We have posted about services like MagMyPic, Write on it etc., we also have the photo-fun section which allows you to add your photos on several objects and location. Here is another nice service on same lines, Cover Dude. Cover Dude allows you to add your photo on magazine covers, there are several categories so that you can easily browse ...

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Convert your Photos to Paintings: Psykopaint

Psykopaint is an online tool, which allows you to add paint effect, i.e. you can convert your digital photos to make them look as a painting. No Sign-up is required, simply open Psykopaint, upload a photo, and later you can start converting it to a painting by picking up a brush of your choice from left panel. There several types ...

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Add mirror effect to your photos

We have talked about the tools to add reflections to your photos, like Reflet and Picreflect. Here is an online tool which allows you to add mirror effect to your photos. You can add the mirror effect to any location with respect to the photos, like bottom, right, top, and left. MirrorEffect.net has a simple interface, browse to choose a ...

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