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How to create professional looking photo album quickly using PowerPoint

PowerPoint Album Creator

Lets say you have a lot of pictures from your last tour and you want to show it your friends coming down and you don’t want to waste time on some album creating tools. All you want is quick and easy stuff. but still a bit professional. Well if you have Office installed on your machine, PowerPoint has a handy feature you can use. ...

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How to Remove background from images using Office 2010

Remove Background Images

Office 2010 has this new Background Removal tool which helps you in getting rid of background by using new capabilities and algorithms from the Microsoft Research.  It allows you to select parts of images which can be cropped or just select what to include and you are done. Steps to remove background image : Select any image and click on Picture ...

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Setup tool in PowerPoint 2010 makes easy to setup slideshow

Setup Slide Show in Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 helps you in lot of ways to improve on creating to delivery of slideshow. Setup up Show is one such inbuilt utility which brings a lot of things together. Lets have a look : Like you can see here there are various options on handling the Slide Show : Make sure you know who is the end user viewing ...

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Use your mouse as Laser Pointer in PowerPoint 2010

Change laser colour for slideshows

This is an out of the box most required feature for Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint lovers. If you ever forget to carry your laser pen or just don’t want to carry it more,  use CTRL Then Left Click in sequence, keeping your powerpoint open, and you will see a red colour laser dot  instead of mouse pointer. So now till ...

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How to live broadcast Powerpoint Slide show

Many a times when you have your clients or friends who are located in different geographical areas it becomes a roadblock for you to communicate with them together. Sticking to the topic if have a slide show and you want to present it to them either you need a an enterprise solution or stuff like live chatting which when opted ...

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Best Resources to download free PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Presentations are an important part of almost every internet and computer user. Creating and using PowerPoint Presentations is good way to get better communication and understanding. While in the process of creating a new Presentation, choice of a perfect PPT Template is an important decision. No-doubt MS Office comes with several good looking and wide range of templates, but ...

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Convert PowerPoint to Silverlight Application

I was able to pickup this tool from our discussion group which seems to be a good option when you want to convert any PowerPoint to Silverlight application i.e. WPF applications run in browser. Though according to experts it is not 100% full proof because of lack of animation support but it should work for most of the cases i.e. ...

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Shortcut world: Find keyboard shortcuts for common applications

We have discussed about keyboard shortcuts in several posts, and the list consists of some Uncommon Windows Keyboard shortcuts, and a Search Engine for searching keyboard shortcuts. The above said keyboard search engine, KeyXL allows you to search keyboard shortcuts by entering the name of the application for which the shortcuts is required. Here is another resource for searching keyboard ...

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Smart Paste from Notepad to Excel

By default when you paste something in excel it gets copied in just one cell which might not be just your requirement. Generally if you paste something in excel it will appear in the cell you selected it. This becomes difficult. Now lets say you want to paste in such a way that some of the text appear in first ...

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How to quickly create base power point slides using Notepad

Lets say you need to create lot of slides for a presentation and you have all the main headings and sub points in your mind. Now if you try the regular way i.e Open a new PPT Add slides one by one Add topics and Add points in that. Then move up and down to add point. If you need ...

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Create Custom Shortcuts for Office PowerPoint

Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint is an addon for Microsoft Office Powerpoint which lets you create Shortcut menu items and already recorded Macros.  Shortcut for Macros is very useful as PowerPoint does not allow you to launch it directly, It includes the password protected macros also. One of the annoyance of PowerPoint Slide show is the escape key. Any slideshow when ...

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