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How to convert PowerPoint slides into images for Free

Export PowerPoint Slide as Images

While many of you know how to extract images from a PPT file, what if you want to export individual slides as images, the photos will look like you took a screenshot of each slide. The good thing is that Microsoft Office PowerPoint offers an inbuilt way to convert any PowerPoint Slide or Slides into images. Note: Depending on which ...

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How to create custom slide show with PowerPoint

custom slide show PowerPoint

Sometimes we have a long slide show, but not every slide is essential. What if you want to show only a few selected slides out of them. Instead of copying it into another slide show, you can customize to choose particular slides in PowerPoint. It works with Office 365, Office 2019, and previous versions of Microsoft Office. Here is how ...

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How to change resolution of PowerPoint Presentation when creating it

Change PowerPoint Resolution

When preparing a PowerPoint presentation, the resolution must sync along with monitors display or projector resolution. If resolutions do not appropriately set, the whole experience becomes slow. In this post, I will show how you can change the resolution of PowerPoint Presentation when you create it. It works with Office 365, Office 2019, 2017, and 2016. How to change the ...

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How to create professional looking photo album quickly using PowerPoint

PowerPoint Album Creator

Lets say you have a lot of pictures from your last tour and you want to show it your friends coming down and you don’t want to waste time on some album creating tools. All you want is quick and easy stuff. but still a bit professional. Well if you have Office installed on your machine, PowerPoint has a handy feature you can use. ...

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Create Video of Slidehsow right from PowerPoint 2010

Create video from powerpoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 has an extraordinary out of the box feature which lets you create video right away, and it supports HD (High Definition Display)  960 X 720 which makes it even more presentable, specially if you are planning to upload to YouTube.  It also supports 640X 480 and 320X 240 for Internet and Portable devices. Once you are done ...

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Create Highly customized and stylish slideshow for Free

We talked about Banner Snack a couple of months ago, which, for sure is a great online tool to create banners and slideshows, very easy to use and feature rich as well. Snack Tools, the makers of Banner Snack, launched another tool, Photo Snack. Photo snack is a photo sharing platform, which allows you to create customized slide shows using ...

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Add SMS voting / poll in Power point Slides

Taking votes even for something in between and getting results before you end a slide is pretty tricky unless you have properly planned. For many of us who don’t have corporate advantage of getting these numbers do have an option to use a service like Text2Vote by Sendsteps which : Allows you to create polls dynamically. Dynamically Update poll results ...

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Make slideshows of your photos as avi file: Picture to avi

Picture2avi is a small application which allows you to make the slide shows from your photos; this slideshow is in avi format. Download setup and install Picture2avi, this requires a 1.40MBs download, and once done the main window appears in front of you as soon as launched. Later, following steps are to be followed – Add pictures to be shown ...

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Created animated, non linear and 3D sideshows with Prezi

Traditional slideshows are effective but as technology has improved people have started looking for options where it can be more interactive and fun both. In short the way sideshows can be changed to a interactive and animated way also. This is what Guys at Prezi are doing. This tool lets you create sideshows in  very effective manner which brings not ...

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Create Slideshows with music and effects : Imageloop

I made a post about Banner Snack lately, and recently I came across another tool to create slideshows with music embedded in them. Imageloop allows you to create slideshows with effects, skins and music, apart from this you can also impose certain privacy constraints which will decide who can view the slideshow and other such things. A simple sign up ...

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Create Banners and Slideshows with Banner Snack

Slideshows and Banners have been a very popular mode of Advertising and Communication. Here is an awesome online tool which allows you to create some great looking slideshows and banners. Banner Snack, allows you to create the slideshows and banners, with loads of transition effects, text and image adding is simple, also gives you and embed code and direct URL ...

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