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How to remove Network Locations from This PC in Windows 10

remove Network Locations This PC

Starting with Windows XP, through Vista and then Windows 8 and Windows 10, My Computer or This PC displays files and folders shared on the computer. If you want to remove this Shared Folder or remove Network Locations from This PC in Windows 10, here is how you can remove it. How to remove Network Locations from This PC in ...

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RegDump gets you Registry Hive dumps in simple text format


Ladislav Nevery, like many of found it difficult to find what has changed in registry hive  like many of the administrators or programmers. The problem he explains is : Well recently I had nasty worm/rootkit problem and naturally I wanted to know what he changed in my system. So i started seeking for some tool to detect registry changes. some simple tool to dump ...

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How to import Network files to Movie maker

When I tried importing files from my external network drive, Movie Maker did not allow me for some reason. Now many of use don’t store everything on computer, rather we dump it on network drive or share folders across network so we can access it form any where. The error message which I got was “Files can’t be added directly ...

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Add Administrator Open here command prompt to Right click

Many a times you need administrator privileged enabled command prompt to be opened at the folder you like. The normal way of doing it is run the command prompt as administrator ( Rick click command prompt ) and then navigate to the directory. This takes 3-4 steps to achieve it and not so convenient also. However you can add a ...

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