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Get reminded on email for important events : Alertful

Alterful Meeting Reminder

Alertful is a free email reminder service which you can use to send an email to remind yourself for a kind of event that might be due next week or a yearly event like your wife’s birthday which I am sure you don’t want to miss. What makes Alertful stand out from other reminder tools is simplicity.  It comes with ...

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Quotepad is perfect for creating quick records and reminders

QuotePad Notes

I am heavy user of OneNote Office application and most of the things like schedules and to do is posted right there but for users who are looking for a lighter solution which can take quick notes and put a reminder on the back, QoutePad is an excellent solution specially looking at the under 1 MB size and simplest interface. ...

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Send a Self Destructable Video Mail

Video Mail

MailVU is an exclusive service for users like me and you who want to share their voice and message using a short video rather than just sending a text email. For example if you and your family want to greet somebody in other city, Mail VU is a very good solution which can record video and your voice and send them ...

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How long you should steep your tea ?

How long to steep ?

Steeping Tea means how much time you should have tea in the boiling water so that the flavour and colour gets into the water to make tea. This is pretty important process because anything less or more can spoil the complete taste. Steep.It is an online tool which tells you how long you need to steep depending on what kind of ...

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How to add link in Google SMS text messages

Google SMS Channel is one the best and reliable way you can send SMS for free any where around the world.  One of the common usage is to send updates of latest posts of you blogs or feeds. Since internet usage in mobile has increased it helps your subscribe to get instant updates on their cell phone. How most of ...

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Display text files on your Desktop

There could be several reasons to permanently display a text file on desktop, may be as a reminder, a beautiful poem, a note from your loved one, etc. Klogshow is an awesome app, which has ability to display the text files on your desktop; here is how it shows the text file on the desktop. Yes, Klogshow displays the text ...

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Set up a friendly hassle reminder for a group

How many times you have thought up of doing something this weekend and got away not doing it ? Many a times and thats a scenario with many of us and we keep on doing with no matter how many reminders you set it up and specially when you are in group the problem gets bigger with everybody thinking that ...

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Freebie Notes: A combo of Sticky and Reminder

I often forget things, and this has seldom landed me in some miserable scenarios. To avoid this, I have been using sticky, my cupboard, mirror, refrigerator etc. has several sticky and hence my desktop too has a couple of them which gets edited often. I recently came across this small application, which is an ultimate combination of Sticky and Alarm ...

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Mini Reminder: Small application to remind you about your schedules

Mini Reminder is a small utility which helps you by reminding you about your engagements, meetings, birthdays and anniversaries of your loved ones, etc. All you have to do is, enter the date and time of event which you do not want to miss, and also set the time like how many days prior  to the event should Mini Reminder ...

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Remind yourself and Friends with Free SMS Text Reminders

Want to get reminded on someones birthday or picking up food stuff from mall ? Free SMS Text reminders is just for this purpose.  This service lets you schedule a free text message on a given time and if you have something which you do every day at the same time, like taking medicine,  Text reminders do that too. Using ...

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Remind yourself for everything with Reminder Fox

ReminderFox is an excellent FireFox add-on which remembers things to do, appointments etc.  for you so that you never miss them, and stay organized. Installation is simple as any other FireFox add-on, once installed, shows on the bottom right corner of your FireFox as a red ribbon, double clicking it allows you to have a look on all the reminders ...

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Two FireFox addons for Music and Twitter lovers

Music and Twitter is the web abode of several internet users these days, though I am seldom found on Twitter but Music always runs around me. I came across these cool add-on for Firefox, which enables you to easily post the updates to Twitter inlcuding the music you listen to. You might be aware of Foxy Tunes, which is another ...

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