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Easily Manage multiple Remote Desktop Connections with RD Organizer

RDC Apply Card

Remote Desktop Connections is one of the most used inbuilt application in Windows, Specially by System Admins or Developers who connect to a lot of remote machines to either deploy or fix computers. In Windows it is possible to save each such Remote desktop connection settings including credentials as .RDP file but if you have a lot of them, it ...

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2X Client for iPad : True Remote Desktop Connection app for Windows

2X Remote Login Interface to Windows

If you are looking for a remote desktop connection app for iPad which lets you control windows like you do from any normal computer, 2X Client is a perfect tool and is absolutely free. Why I am calling it a true Remote Desktop Application ? Because it gives you all the options except network drive option for example you can configure. Manage multiple ...

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Free iPad Remote Desktop App for Windows / Mac

iPad RD Insturctions

I love accessing Windows Desktop from my iPad because it not only gives me an option to use all my applications on desktop but I am at ease to be lazy on bed or to show the accounts details to my dad without asking him to get to laptop or carry the laptop to him Till now I had used ...

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How to remote connect Windows computer from iPad

Windows on iPad

If you have been dying to connect to your Windows computer from your iPad because you are so much into windows application, Splashtop Remote makes it possible. This application lets you remote connect and you can use your Windows 7 or Vista or XP like you do from any normal computer. You can even watch flash on your iPad, videos, ...

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Windows Shifter moves program between computers

Shifter in Windows 7

Does exactly what it says, Windows Shifter allows you to transfer or access running program from one machine into another even on cross platforms like Windows to Linux, Windows to ubuntu, Windows to Mac, Windows to FreeBSD and even on Open Solaris. The only condition is you need to install the application on both the machines and they should be ...

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Sharing Drives and PnP devices on Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop connection is one of the most powerful feature and one of the most commonly used tool in IT industry. I remember when I was in project last year I had to use this lot of times for deployment purpose. One of the hurdles was how to copy files from my local computer to the remote computer. Though FTP ...

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Manage all remote connections with tabbed interface

Connecting remotely to another machine by SSH or RDP or similar protocols is a common action which we do in an IT industry. However managing so many protocols is not easy. You might be using RDP of Windows or use SSH via free softwares like putty but you need different software for different protocols. Keeping the above scenario in mind ...

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Track if your ISP changes the external IP of your home computer

Accessing remote computer specially at home is required when you are on move or when you are in office. ISP do change IP addresses  if your computer falls under dynamic ip allocation. Though change is not often but this could be a bit of problem when you are accessing home computer and get disconnected in between and there is no ...

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Download RDC 7.0 for Windows XP and Vista

Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 Client was initially rolled out for Windows 7 and Server 2008 with lots of new feature but that was not available to users who used to connect from XP or Vista to any of the above OS.  However according to the updates today they are also availble  for Windows XP and Vista users also. You can ...

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Reboot multiple computers remotely and make sure they are back online

If you are System Admin like Doug, You are going to fall in love with his brand new application, Remote Reboot X, The Ultimate WSUS Companion Tool, which can reboot multiple computers over a network and helps you make sure that they are online. Pretty crucial job when you are doing a software update in a corporate environment. Features: Import ...

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Tweet My PC 2.0 : Control your PC from Twitter

We talked about Tweet My PC, which is an alternative way to control your computer using your twitter account. This way you can lock, shutdown or logoff your computer from any where connected on twitter. This was the first version. The second version is absolutely blast. Here is the list of commands  you can start doing using Tweet My PC ...

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How to Add users for remote access in Windows 7

Remote login sometimes becomes essential when you dont want to walk to your computer to access files, However you don’t want to set this as option for every user account in your computer. Windows 7 lets you select particular users for which you can grant permission. Go to Control Panel\System and Security\System Advanced System Settings and switch to Remote tab. ...

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