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How to increase partition space by extending in Windows 10

increase Partition space

It may so happen that you might need to increase your partition size of an existing drive. One option is where you get a new hard disk, but if you have enough space on the primary drive, you can increase/decrease the size to create more space. In this post, we will suggest how to increase Partition space or hard disk ...

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Resize windows with Mouse Wheel

Resize Windows with Mouse

Feel the Wheel is a free windows application which helps you in quickly resizing any open window using your mouse wheel. Apart from this it also allows you to change the transparency of the windows if you feel like taking a look beyond that window. After trying to for 2-3 days, I did find it little addictive because of the ...

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Resize the non resizable windows in Windows

Resizeable portable

Many a times you might have faced a situation where you want to re-size windows like the Taskbar Properties, Clock and so on. However windows doesn’t always allow you to do that. There could be reasons for doing that but if you want here is a portable application which does that, Resize Enable. This application just turns on resizing in ...

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Interesting way to quickly resize and minimize Open Windows

I found an interesting way to if you want to minimize or re-size any open Window . Press Windows Key + Down Arrow – > Re-sizes window to previous re-sized size. Repeat the same step on same window and it will minimize completely. Remember if the window is not completely maximized it will just minimize it.

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Windows Vista : 12 tips to increase your productivity

Windows Vista might be flop to an extent but some of the features present in you might not find any other OS. You can create symlinks, Use checkboxes to select folders, You can merge two folders into one ( Virtually ) , copy path of any file on just a right-click and lot more. Take this points as Vista Tips ...

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