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Did you notice the Pause for Twitter results in Google Search

Not sure if you did notice but this morning when I was looking around for Twitter Client for Black Berry I noticed something interesting,  Google Real Time Search or Caffeine which includes Twitter result also gets updated continuously and there is a pause link to stop it. If you notice the time stamp gets updated for tweets  if you stay ...

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Create Command Line like Queries for Web

Yubnub has come with an interesting concept where it allows users to create command line like queries for Inetrnet. Lets take some examples first gim porsche 911 Do a Google Image search for Porsche 911’s. random 100 Pick a random number between 1 and 100 using random.org The idea behind is to create shortcut for searches specially and dynamically. The ...

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Smart search videos on YouTube with Cleepr

So, how do you search the videos on you tube ? You log on to youtube and type in the name of desired video, right? Later, you click on the search results to watch the video. Now try cleepr, it’s a search engine for youtube videos. Simply type in the artist, band or any keyword and you get the results ...

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