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Send to Toys can customize Windows Send To be a lot useful

Customize Send To Windows

Send To is one of the most underrated features in Windows. It allows you to send a file or a folder or another folder but is limited. We had always wished that that Send to can be improved, but until then, you can still use a third-party application. You can use it to quickly copy or move files to another ...

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How to add Move To Folder and Copy to Folder in Windows 10 Right Click

Copy to Move to In Windows 10 Right-Click

Send To is an option that comes when you had selected any item and right-click. This option lets you send files to already predefined places in windows. I had always wished that Send To context menu in Windows would have got a dedicated customization Wizard. It is beneficial when you want to sort out files quickly without getting into sophisticated ...

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Add more locations to the ‘Send to’ menu of Windows 10

Customize Send to menu of Windows

There comes a time in everybody’s life, when we want to organize the files scattered here and there on our system, and relocate them to the relevant folders. Especially the people who are much into downloading several types have to face this pretty often. Now, this process of organizing the files in the respective folder could be a real pain. ...

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Add Print to PDF in Google Reader using Save Page as PDF

In our site we have a print to PDF option right under every post. We utilize Save Page as PDF or Web to PDF utility of PDF Online to do this. It basically takes the URL and prints it as PDF. For cleaner printing we had even mixed it with the print plugin  which gives cleaner output i.e. Uses only ...

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