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How to create Multiple Folders at the same time in Windows 10

create Multiple Folders

Creating a single folder is what we do all the time, but let’s say you would like to create ten folders. Little hard work right. Even we face problems like it, but the good news is that there are some smart solutions for this situation. In this post, we will show how you can create multiple folders at the same ...

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Windows 7 Shell commands you should know

Today while looking around the registry I found a Windows Syntax which can be executed from the run prompt. It is shell:XXX where xxx is the short name of programs you can execute.  Here are few before I can dive into detail. When dealing with Libraries, shell:Libraries will open Windows 7 default Document, Picture, Video and Music Library. If you ...

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Create custom copy scripts with Super Copy

We had talked about some of the faster copy solution like Terra Copy before which sits on the windows copy making the complete process transparent and faster but somtimes you need to automate tasks for copying or moving. Super Copy is another copy solution which lets you copy files from one directory to another but what is noticing about this ...

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