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Quickly Copy Short URL of any page

Copy Short URL

Most of the websites now come along with their own URL shortener for example WordPress hosted and standalone sites use wp.me as URL shortner.Similarly other sites like Flickr etc have too.  These Short URL is mentioned as one of the meta tags in Web page header. For example see the below image Copy Short URL is a Firefox Add-on which copies ...

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How to find stats of any post in WordPress Stats ?

WordPress Stats

WordPress Stats is one of the best stats for getting an overview of your blog traffic but the stats display both for individual day or overview only displays top posts and there is a limit to number of top posts. So the question is how do you find stats for any post of your site using WordPress Stats which might ...

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How to add link in Google SMS text messages

Google SMS Channel is one the best and reliable way you can send SMS for free any where around the world.  One of the common usage is to send updates of latest posts of you blogs or feeds. Since internet usage in mobile has increased it helps your subscribe to get instant updates on their cell phone. How most of ...

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Youtube’s URL shortner ? Not exactly but yeah

After Google and Facebook, YouTube has jumped into the URL shortening war but with YouTube it is just little different. Like for Goo.gl we have extension and you can shorten any url with YouTube URL shortening service ( Youtu.be) it only works for YouTube Videos. So if you have a YouTube url like H-WXEWbPMYc it can be shortened to http://youtu.be/H-WXEWbPMYc ...

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Shorten URL on your desktop : MURLS

MURLS is a light weight desktop application which is used to create Short URL from url shortening services like bit.ly, tinyurl etc quickly. The advantage of using this service is that it can create 28 short URLS in 2-3 minutes when all of them are selected. Yes and it depends on your internet speed also. The Supported URL shortening services ...

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Untiny retrieves long URL from tiny URLs

We have been talking about several URL shortening services lately. Some URL shortening services are blocked in several countries, i.e. if somehow you feel like accessing a shortened URL, you might not get to see the page just because the service used for shortening the URL is blocked in your country. So, in such case, here comes the solution Untiny, ...

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A link shortening service with embedded NSFW warning

Have you ever clicked some link when the content which popped in front of you brought an embarrassment to you, because it contained something which was explicit, and the sender didn’t attach a NSFW tag to it? Those who don’t know what is NSFW, it stands for Not Safe For Work, an email header which works as an indication to ...

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Create and Share Multiple URLs, Bundled as One

Right now there are lot of services which allows you to shorten long URLS when you want to share it with your friends and family. Shortening is really nice technique as it saves people wasting time to read all those URLs and even it does not break in Emails.  However  the problem comes when you want to share 10 URL ...

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