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Shutdown computer when Download completes on Firefox and Chrome

Auto Shutdown after download complete

Most of the download managers come along with an option to shut down your computer when the download is over. Many users who use Firefox and Chrome for downloading files do miss this option. In this post, we will share an extension for Chrome and Firefox which will automatically shutdown computer when the download completes. Shutdown computer when Download completes ...

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Enable server like Shutdown Event Tracker on your Windows PC

Display Shutdown Event tracker Config

Windows Server OS come with a security feature, Shutdown Event Tracker, which pop ups every time a server is initiated for shutdown or restart. This is required for auditing purpose to track the reason for server reboot or shutdown. The same feature can be enabled for your Windows machine ( XP, Vista or Windows 7 ). This screen cannot be ...

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Control remote computers over network with DShutDown

Shutdown Manager

Windows Only : System Administrators manage lot of computers over network and keeping an eye over all of them and controling them is a big job. Though there are lot of proffesional tools availble but if you have tight budget, DShutDown is an excellent app to try. Features : Log Off, Shutdown, Power Off, Reboot, Stand By, Hibernate, Force, Lock. Control network by disabling the ...

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Auto Shutdown or Put your computer to sleep when OverHeated

Monitor CPU Temperature

Many of us sometimes face a problem where our computer shuts down all of a sudden and you cannot figure out why. CPU over heating is one of the problems that can cause it. I did faces it few months back and had to replace the heat sink.  In short it can be fixed but if your computer is shutting down ...

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No time to wait for complete shutdown ? Try Instant


It is highly recommended that you always shutdown your computer after saving your work and never push the power button all the time, it messes the operating system and might just get the complete System non working. However there are situations where you just want a shutdown which doesn’t ask you save anything, more  like unattended shutdown. The only advantage ...

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Automatically shutdown your computer at a given time

Forgetting to shut down your pc is nothing new for many of who like to watch movie or listen to songs at night and there are many more reasons but if you are really concerned about saving some energy and bills, Auto Shutdown for Windows is an excellent program which you can use. Features : You can set in the ...

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Reduce music volume as you get sleepy

Many of us have habit of listening to music when we go to sleep. After few minutes we do catch up sleep but the music goes on at the same volume and you definitely get caught by somebody in morning asking – Why don’t you shutdown or reduce your music volume when you go to sleep. Funny but how can ...

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Shutter : Decide When and How to do Windows Shutdown

I hardly remember I had shutdown my computer except when I am in Office and there are couple of reasons for which I never shutdown. But honestly its more being lazy or just feel of keeping it on most of the time rather than anything else. If this is thesame situation you are also in, Shutter can help you out ...

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Windows 7 : Change What Shutdown / Power down button does

Windows 7 Now allows you to change the behavior of  Power button action right from the Start menu. No registry hacks no control panel. Just go to taskbar and start menu properties. Select Start menu tab and you will find the option to change the power button function there. You can change the behavior of power down button to Switch ...

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Prevent accidental or forced shutdown with Shutdown Guard

There are lot of cases when you shut down your computer accidentally or just think I should not have done. May be your friend did even when you asked him not to shutdown. These things happen and you really can help it either. The idea of preventing shutdown can be done by a registry hack where we talked on how ...

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Shutdown your computer using Task Scheduler [ Windows ]

In Windows 7 , Task scheduler is pretty much advanced now. You can now add any number of triggers ( When something has to be fired ) and actions to be taken for any particular thing you would like to do . Since most of the time I forget to shutdown my machine , task Scheduler is the most wasy way ...

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