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Close duplicate tabs in Firefox and Chrome

It’s common to open the same URL in the browser again and again. Having so many tabs, it makes it confusing, and many don’t realize that they have opened the same page again. So in this post, I am sharing extensions/add-ons for both Firefox and Google to help you close duplicate tabs, and also sort the tabs by URL. Close ...

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Sort Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome Bookmarks sorter is an external program which allows you to sort all your bookmarked sites in Chrome browser in either ascending or descending  and also if you like it can arrange it into folder structure or according to date.It works both with folders and direct book marks. I liked this tool a lot more because of the idea.  Imagine ...

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Animated Sorting Algorithm – Which is best ? [ Math Fun ]

Ever wondered which sorting algorithm of Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Shell, Merge, Heap, Quick and Quick3 ? Well it might take some logic and you got to be good in mathematics but what I am going to show you next will just make you smile. This guys Dmartin has developed a small tool which allows you to play with all the ...

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