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Best Adult website Blockers for Windows 10

Adult website Blockers Windows

The worst thing children do when they get a computer is accessing adult websites or mature content or P O R N sites. While its not a good idea for them to watch it, the advertisements can take them to a website which might lure them into trouble. So here are some of the best adult website blockers for Windows ...

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Add Report Spam link in Google Search result

Report Smap link in Search Result

Search results are bound to have spams no matter how strong and smart the algorithm is and the best one to tell if a URL is spam is the end-user because we see it from a different mindset and do not use maths for this. Google Search Index is no exception and so Google Webmaster Central has released a Chrome ...

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Make your email / news letters Spam Proof : Is Not Spam

Few days back we talked about an Online Service Is this a Scam which allows you to check if an Email sent to you is a scam or not. Going the other way round if your email or news letter services are suffering from “Getting into Spam box” problem, Is Not Spam is one service just made for you. Is ...

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Sources of Phishing are getting dangerous

Its been a decade and it has become static in most of the people mind that Sex is the most dangerous term as the search result most of the time take them to sites which are dangerous can take away your password or credit card numbers etc. But guess the case is not the same now. An interesting pdf report ...

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Share your email id over the web safely

Sharing your email address over the web is very usual, and it is almost impossible to avoid this act. Publishing your email address on the web is a requirement at times, but on the other hand, doing so keeps you restless for a while, because we hate spammers, nobody likes spam messages. There are several methods to save your email ...

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Generate unlimited fake email in a minute [ Spam Trap ]

Its never a good idea to submit your email id online if you are not sure or don’t trust it. You can always create some random email id  fake ones and use it. However if you are running short of fake email id , Spam Trap is one software that you need. This is a very simple application which gives ...

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A study on Humans and Bots in Internet Chat

ast week I was contacted by Steven Gianvecchio, one of the co authors who did a case study on the topic Measurement and Classification of Humans and Bots in Internet Chat. As a summary this case study documented how the abuse of chat services by automated programs, known as chat bots, poses a serious threat to Internet users. Chat bots ...

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Tracking Worms, Spam and Malware with Google Earth – Neat!

Smap Around the Globe

F-Secure came up with pretty innovative idea where they are tracking Spams, Worms and Malwares and integrating it with them directly on to Google Earth which gives a pretty neat idea from where things are coming. In fact they are tracking first with IP which is converted to latitude and longitude and makes it presentable in Google Earth. Here is ...

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Misusing Gmail can get your account banned [ Security ]

Probably nobody knows about it but if you try to abuse gmail service to send mails like more than 500 recipient at a time or sending mails to un reachable email addresses get ready to get your accounts disabled from 25 to 74 hrs or gone for ever. Here are some fact which If you access Gmail via POP or ...

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How to Block Spam and Phishing Emails in Windows Live Mail

Safety Options in Windows Live Mail

If you are using Windows Mail which comes bundled with Windows Vista and Windows 7 you would be surely interested to block spam emails which will surely land up in your Inbox. In this article we will learn to configure and protect Windows Mail in to block spam emails. Windows mail also comes with an option to detect against phishing emails ...

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What is a Zero Day Attack About Web Server Protection Part Three

Welcome back to the series on Zero Day Attack, If you have come directly to this post I would recommend you to go through the previous posts What is a Zero Day Attack Part one and About Fuzzers part two (on application firewalls). In this final post we will look into Web Server Protection. Web Server Protection: Remember famous worms ...

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What is a Zero Day Attack Part One

You have firewall and each and every exit -entry point of your network is secured.You regularly update your anti virus and operating system for patches.You have good spam filters than will not allow any spammers to inject into the network. You have smart and strong password setting that change every fortnight.Moreover you do not allow any foreign machine to enter ...

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