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How to disable and add Startup programs in Windows 10

disable and add Startup programs

If you thought that I was bit crazy when looking at the title post, I would not hold you wrong, after all, who wants to add programs to Windows Startup and make it even slower. All we do is keep removing programs or at least delay it. So, what’s the real idea of this topic? Its about to let you ...

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Soluto figures applications which slows Windows Boot

Soluto PC History

Past couple of months my computer running Windows 7 started taking lot of time to boot.  The problem wasn’t the actual boot process but what happened once I logged into my user account.  Couple of applications were loading, messenger auto login and so on.  So what I did was remove some of the applications from starting and even delayed them ...

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How to add more programs to Startup Programs in Windows 7

Add Programs to Windows Startup

When a program gets installed in Windows 7, majority of them ask the user if that should get added as a Startup program. This is required depending on users need so the program is ready when Windows 7 boots. However if you have chosen not to add to startup program, How do you add them into the list again. Windows ...

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Delay Service Startup to boot your Windows event faster

Delayed Startup Windows Services

Anything set to start with your windows will increase the time to get your control over the windows machine i.e. in simple language windows booting time is increased. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 has important feature, Automatic Delayed Startup,  which I have not seen many people using it but it actually can speed up your computer booting time ...

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Sysinfo explains where these startup entries in Windows come from

Windows Startup Program Explained

We all talk about how to optimize Windows Startup by firing MSConfig and drop the things which is not required and so on but how do you help figure out the installed programs to the end users. Its bit difficult to tell each and every of them but Sysinfo.org is making all the effort explaining all this and its impressive. ...

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Manage Windows Startup programs easily

Argente startup manager

Many a times when you install programs in Windows, they register them selves to start in the background as soon as you login to your computer. This on one hand is essential but will totally depend on your usage. For some applications for example temperature monitoring applications, it might be necessary but for some which you only use when required it can ...

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Backup and Restore startup configuration in Windows

Backup and Restore Windows Startup

Windows Startup is an essential part which determines how fast your windows becomes ready to use. Basically there are many programs which register to start as soon as you login. One one hand it is good as you don’t have to launch it but it has been seen that many a times it results in testing the patience of the ...

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In case your Windows 7 Startup is slow, Get this Hotfix

Juts a quick not to all Windows 7 users who face Slow Startup using High Windows Resolution monitor that there is a Hotfix provided by MS itself which solves this issues. This is happening because default dpi display setting is set to a value other than 96 dpi. To determine whether you must apply this hotfix, check the setting of ...

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How to find load time of addons / Extensions in Internet Explorer

There are lot of friends of mine who complained that IE 8 was bit slow for them even if I had convinced them that if you love IE ,IE 8 is best of all its previous versions. On further checking on their IE installation I accidentally find that the slowness of IE 8 was because of Extensions  or Addons. How ...

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Quickly enable or disable Office Addins

Its easy for anybody who uses Microsoft Office extensively to have lot of addins for each of the products right from excel to ms project but to manage them is difficult. Any time you want to enable or disable addins you need to open the Office application  and then change it. This is pretty difficult task. Topal Enable / disable ...

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