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Quotepad is perfect for creating quick records and reminders

QuotePad Notes

I am heavy user of OneNote Office application and most of the things like schedules and to do is posted right there but for users who are looking for a lighter solution which can take quick notes and put a reminder on the back, QoutePad is an excellent solution specially looking at the under 1 MB size and simplest interface. ...

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Share and Post sticky notes on any computer in your network

Advance Sticky note app, create Sticky on computers in same network

Windows 7 and Vista have the inbuilt program which allows you to place Sticky Notes on your desktop but what if you want to share it over network ?  Here is another Sticky notes application, known as StickIt which like other applications you can create notes but the most eye-catching feature of this application is that you can post this notes on any machine which ...

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Freebie Notes: A combo of Sticky and Reminder

I often forget things, and this has seldom landed me in some miserable scenarios. To avoid this, I have been using sticky, my cupboard, mirror, refrigerator etc. has several sticky and hence my desktop too has a couple of them which gets edited often. I recently came across this small application, which is an ultimate combination of Sticky and Alarm ...

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Advanced dashboard for Sticky Notes : Sticky Sorter

Sticky Sorter is a free desktop application which is an excellent replacement of Sticky Notes which you have in vista or any 3rd part Sticky Note you had been using. This application allows you to create multiple dashboard which can have as many sticky notes you want. This is pretty useful when you are working in collaboration or developing a ...

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