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Find memory usage details of any application with VM Map

Virtual Memory Map

If you are developing an application or already have and want to find how it is consuming memory on a windows machine, SysInternal Virtual Memory Map is an excellent tool. This application displays the amount of memory consumed by the app according to type i.e. Heap, Shareable, Stack, Private Data, Page Table and so on. For each of this tables, ...

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How to create custom Windows System Admin Control Panel


Control Panel, specially the Administrative Tasks have too many items which is not only confusing but since we don’t use most of them it is waste of time for some of us. In this tutorial I will talk about a feature in Windows which lets you create a Administrative Control Panel which can be used to control your PC or ...

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How to check if you have admin rights for Windows


In Windows there are two types of account by default, Standard User and Administrator. Though Standard users can do most of the things including installing software and settings which is applicable to his or her account, they are still restricted for advance usage which affects network settings, remote reboot or setting timed login for  other user accounts or create hidden ...

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Speccy gives you a clean System Information

Though Windows 7 comes with control panel items which can give you information about your system hardware Speccy has an edge over it by providing in depth details of hardware configurations without making it messy. This freeware allows you to in depth details of your OS, Graphics Card, hard Drives etc with details which can be compared to what you ...

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HWiNFO32™ : Super diagnose hardware system information

This one goes for Hard Core games and system administrators specially who deal with hardware. HWiNFO32™  is a windows application which gives you in-depth detail of a computer’s hardware which can be helpful when you are  searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well. You can also checkout the hardware sensors which run on your ...

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Reboot multiple computers remotely and make sure they are back online

If you are System Admin like Doug, You are going to fall in love with his brand new application, Remote Reboot X, The Ultimate WSUS Companion Tool, which can reboot multiple computers over a network and helps you make sure that they are online. Pretty crucial job when you are doing a software update in a corporate environment. Features: Import ...

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Mass edit Windows services : Online Registry Hack

When it comes to updating the status of  Windows Services in bulk, default service editor of windows is little tedious to use.  Windows Service Manager is an online tool which makes this job a little easy by First Showing you list of default windows services in your OS i.e. Windows XP or Vista or 7 Then lets you change the ...

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Device Remover : Perfect for Computer Administrators

Device Remover is pretty powerful, absolutely free but complex ( Yeah, A normal user will be blown seeing it ) software which Systems or computer administrators or computer geeks can use on  Windows 7 , Windows Vista and Windows XP in order to Manage Devices attached to computer Manage Services running in a computer Gather information from any computer on ...

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Create Hidden tasks in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista

This came to me as a surprise but yes Windows  allows you to create hidden task. This options is provides at the time of creating the task and can be seen either by the owner of the task creator or the Administrator of the computer Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer management > System Tools > Task ...

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Add Administrator Open here command prompt to Right click

Many a times you need administrator privileged enabled command prompt to be opened at the folder you like. The normal way of doing it is run the command prompt as administrator ( Rick click command prompt ) and then navigate to the directory. This takes 3-4 steps to achieve it and not so convenient also. However you can add a ...

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How to move users folder to different location in Windows Vista

Users folders are  those specific folder which are default location for your download, pictures, music, links, favorites , contacts etc. Now if you are using them to store all your documents etc you can lost it when your drive gets formatted.  Well I am not saying you to stop using it but with Windows Vista you can change the location ...

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