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How to start and end process on a remote computer

If you are system administrator then this set of tools will help you to administrator remote process from your computer. You will be able to list, start and kill remote process with Microsoft System Internal tools called as PS Tools suite. It’s another tool from System Internals which is similar we used to track and handle DLL which we talked ...

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Hide user accounts and set login time in Windows XP

If you are having multiple accounts in windows XP computer, you might be willing to hide it , if you have some disabled account. Moreover sometimes parents want to restrict their children from accessing computer all the time. Here we are going to tackle both the problems. One of the tricks is going to use registry so please back it ...

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How to troubleshoot PC in 10 steps

Personal Computer is one of the most important aspect of life now. Be it games or internet you just need one. But what do you do when it turns off ? It just wont start and you have an important work to do. Well in most of the cases we will just call the help from where you took the ...

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