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How to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 10

Elevated Shortcuts for Windows 8 Windows 7

UAC is an annoying prompt whenever you launch a program which needs admin privileges. Even though Windows 10  handles it pretty nicely but if you have some programs or executable which always need Administrator Privilege prompt screen, then here is a way to suppress them all the time. You can choose to launch Programs as Administrator in Windows 10. Use ...

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How to mass export Tasks from Windows Task Scheduler

mass export Tasks from Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler holds all the tasks which were created by an application to periodically check for updates or by you to send an email when somebody logs in. If you need to create the same task on another Windows 10 computer or need them back after reinstallation, there is a way. Task Scheduler gives you an option to export ...

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Manage daily tasks and memos with Task List Guru

When it comes to managing tasks on day-to-day basis there are many ways to do it but for everything you need to have it written somewhere. That some place can be your Diary or a document on your computer or your mobile device. Today we have picked up a desktop application, Task List Guru which helps you in getting all ...

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reQall : Best Mobile app for managing tasks on the move

Reqall Features

Most of the mobiles comes with an inbuilt task management system which allows you to even integrate with calendar and help you get your things done in time but if you check out reQall it beats the best of the applications as it brings extra tools together. Its available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android users. Here is the feature list : Task Management ...

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Save priority for each program from Task Manager

Priority Saver

Task Manager in Windows allows you to set priority of running application. This helps when you want to control on which should finish of the job first and what should be next. However Windows Task Manager is not built to remember it ( Possibly because things are dynamic ) but with Process Priority Saver you can. This application adds an ...

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Running Tasks based on Network location in Windows 7

TSNW Office Network

In Windows 7 when you connect to a new network ( Wifi or Lan ), You are prompted to identify if the network is home, work or public. This is essential as Windows can decide how much information to expose. You can even set programs to communicate depending on network location. Once you set it and give it a name, Windows 7 remembers it ...

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Getting boring Tasks done the other way round

To do Task

Call a kid and ask him to answer 15 question in a row or ask him in during the day part by part but without letting him know he has 15 things to do. Chances are that later will get you better result but yes it depends on kid too but take an average and you will be surprised. I ...

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Add any Email to Task / Calendar in BlackBerry

When I started using Blackberry I was missing one option which I had in Outlook, Add any Email item to Task List. Emails are not mere conversations but every one has something which results in task, appointment or a calendar event. Berry Logic is giving out their free application, Add to Calendar, which adds a context menu when you open ...

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Track your Time, Improve your Productivity with actiTIME

actiTIME is a very fine quality, freeware, which provides easy-to-use interfaces for project and task management, time tracking and reporting, user schedule and overtime control. It is basically a multi-user web-based application that can be installed under any operating system and works with MySQL and MS Access databases. A demo can also be tried for this product before installation, if ...

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How to kill hanged program from command line [ Windows ]

Task Manager is one good place to kill program which hangs though you can make them auto kill but sometimes it’s not preferable and sometime even the task manager hangs. Here is a nifty trick which makes you to kill program from command line or windows dos. Windows has two programs called as Taskkill and Tasklist. While one allows you ...

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