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Find more about processes in Windows

Process information

Any time you get doubtful of either a process which is running in your windows or is sitting in your windows startup, Exe File Information can help you understand that. The advantage of this software is that you can easily find out if there is any malware on your system even if your antivirus was not able to check it. ...

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Save priority for each program from Task Manager

Priority Saver

Task Manager in Windows allows you to set priority of running application. This helps when you want to control on which should finish of the job first and what should be next. However Windows Task Manager is not built to remember it ( Possibly because things are dynamic ) but with Process Priority Saver you can. This application adds an ...

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PMW brings more power to handle running programs

PMW Managing Process

PMW (Process Manager for Windows) is small windows utility which brings more power to the users for managing the running applications and it allows you to do just more then minimizing, closing etc. This application integrates the task manager features like : Kill, Kill All, Hide and powerful master key to hide or unhide to de-clutter your desktop. If you ...

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Process Hacker displays processes in threads

We had seen task  manager alternatives before but this time we found, Process Hacker,which is doing something new. After a process starts most of time it starts another process under it called as child process and it can again start another one thus become a parent itself. This continues. In case you had seen when you try to kill a ...

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Extended Task manager : Find Port number and Disk IO

Extended Task Manager is another free program which runs on top of Task Manager which lets you find amount of Disk Input Output activity and also the port number occupied by running programs. They both are pretty useful if you your computer is slowing down or you are suspicious of your ports being hijacked. Displays all files locked by a ...

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An encyclopedia of the processes running on your system – Tasklist.org

Ever wondered what the particular process in the Windows Task Manager, under the ‘Processes’ tab refer to, why is it running, which application is responsible behind the particular process and other such queries. Tasklist.org is the solution to all such queries, in other words it’s a dictionary of all the known processes running on any system.  You can see the ...

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Features of Vista Task Manager worth knowing Part 1

Windows Vista didnt just get advanced on GUI but also on lot of features. One of the least know is Task manager which has tones of features now. It can not only help you to find where the running program or exe is located but also You can set the priority to low in case its taking huge memory. Ones ...

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How to kill hanged program from command line [ Windows ]

Task Manager is one good place to kill program which hangs though you can make them auto kill but sometimes it’s not preferable and sometime even the task manager hangs. Here is a nifty trick which makes you to kill program from command line or windows dos. Windows has two programs called as Taskkill and Tasklist. While one allows you ...

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