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Group Taskbar Items in Windows 7 for better access

Free Taskbar Organizer to group taskbar icons

Ever since the launch of Windows 7, we have experienced a new way to interact the programs by pinning them to taskbar. The Taskbar in windows 7 came with several other enhancements, like it allowed shuffling the icons, and so on. Well if you are often found with so many windows (read several taskbar icons), here is an awesome desktop ...

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Make your Task-bar items Center Aligned with Task Dock

Resize Taskbar area

If you have used any of the Dock Applications which allow you to add all your running task into central place where you can launch, Task Dock is one which does it without giving you a  feel that it’s not Windows 7 feature. This application center aligns everything on your Windows 7 Taskbar so it looks like you are docking ...

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Track Windows 7 performance with TaskBar Meter

Taskbar Meter Configurations

Taskbar Meters is a handy utility which runs on Windows 7 Taskbar allowing you to track windows performance based on Memory, Disk  and CPU usage. The Icon colour changes from Green to Red based on configuration and you can track which applications are consuming too much of resources on Windows 7 machine. The only drawback is you will have to ...

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Change size of Taskbar thumbnail : Windows 7

In Windows 7 when you hover your mouse over any item on the Taskbar, a preview is displayed. The size of the preview depends on how many items you have in that item group, the more the item bigger is the preview but still size of the individual item remains small. This leads to a problem that you cannot see ...

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Make Windows 7 Desktop Peek Instant

Windows 7 Desktop peek is a new feature in Windows 7 which lets you see what is on your desktop without minimizing any window and that with a mouse hover. However there is a delay of 2 to 3 seconds in that. If you want to make it instant you can use the Desktop peek tweak to make it instant ...

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Change texture of Windows 7 taskbar

Windows 7 Taskbar comes with lot of feature and here is one tool which will  help you changing colors and adding texture to it to make it look super cool. Texurized Taskbar comes with 10 different texture and one Magnet LCD texture which I loved most.  You can control opacity and transparency and if you don’t like it just restore ...

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Customize Windows 7 Taskbar Middle Click and Left Click Action

Windows 7 Taskbar ( Superbar) can be used in many ways Pinning the icons and folders is one of them and if you right click you get options available which is either mentioned by website, in case of Explorer, or applications. When you open lot of windows of same type e.g. Multiple Tabs or Multiple Windows in Chat,  Taskbar groups ...

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Windows 7 : Pin to Start Menu

Windows Vista and XP and had features where some of the most used applications get used to pinned automatically on top of everything in Start menu but when I upgraded to Windows 7 , I found this feature was missing and not having common application there was becoming a problem. Today morning I found that it wasn’t missing  but it ...

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Rearrange the Taskbar buttons with Taskbar Shuffle

Taskbar Shuffle is a small application which renders the ability to rearrange the taskbar buttons, tray icons etc. This is a small application has a 631Kb setup file, once downloaded and installed, will let you rearrange your taskbar buttons, tray icons, moreover you can also rearrange the grouped buttons on your taskbar, have a look at this animation. Apart from ...

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De-clutter your taskbar with Minime

If you are irritated with so many windows occupying the task bar even when you don’t need them, Minime is one which can rescue you. This stand alone application allows you to minimize windows to system tray instead of minimizing them at task bar which occupies so much of space. You can set a shortcut key for minimizing the windows ...

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Sort taskbar windows with Taskbar Sorter Utility

Tasbar Sorter Utlity allows you to sort all windows showing in your taskbar the way you want. Yes you can arrange all the windows by simple re-ordering in the utlity and hit sort. By default this sorting brings all related applications together. It works in Vista and should work in Windows XP also.   This prorgam is availble at Codeu ...

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Seven more Features of Windows 7 You should know

#11 Windows 7 Features : Startup Recovery This is something different which we had not seen in any of the versions before. In case your computer is not shutdown properly , startup recovery will override and will try to restore the computer. It also asks for System restore and this process can not be canceled. I tried it canceling 2 ...

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