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Best Android Apps for server and website monitoring

Android server website monitoring

If you are a webmaster or you own a website (or a blog), naturally, you will never like it to be down. But there are times when the site is down or maybe just the response time is too much. It could not only affect your earnings but also is not good news for your website’s reputation. In this post, ...

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Page Monitor lets you spy on competitors site for any changes

Page Monitored Changes tracked

In today’s world of RSS and Email news letters it’s really easy to track when a site is updated. However you get to know only the changes which is informed to you, so you cannot track any changes which is made on the site for example update comment list, any change in the design etc.   Page Monitor is a an excellent tool if you ...

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Track website downtime on your Desktop : Pingdom

Pingdom is an online service which lets you check your website downtime, response time, multiple location check and much more. Recently they have released a desktop application which lets you watch website downtime right from your desktop. They provide professional services for webmasters who manage lot of websites and give them essential details of their website performance etc. However their ...

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Get notified when websites change their content : WebMon

Webmon is a free windows based software which allows you to check unlimited number of sites with an interval of a day or may be every few minutes.  This makes sure you get the update as fast as possible instead of waiting for the newsletters. What I even more interesting was that it even lets you watch if any particular ...

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