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Google Transaltion App for iOS : Video Review

Google released its translation app for iOS devices i.e. iPad, iPhone and iPod which comes with voice support for 15 languages and you can translate by typing in between 57 languages. Below is a video demo of how this app works. ( Direct Link ) Features : Save your translation. Full screen view of the translated words, useful when you ...

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Do you use OneNote Mini Translator ?

One Note Translate

OneNote comes with an excellent tool, Mini translator for reviewer who deal with foreign language every day. This tool comes as pop up when you select a text or over any word within seconds. The pop-up lets you copy the entire translation and also helps you in pronouncing the text via speech. To get more detail you should click on search icon which ...

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Translate right from your clipboard

Clipboard with Translation Power

Whenever you want to translate any language back to English it always takes 2 to 3 steps, Copying , Look which language it is and then copy it to where you want to use it. Nothing wrong but here is an excellent alternative for you, klipboard translator. This application monitors the text you translate ( using ctrl + C ) ...

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Official Google Translate Extension for Chrome

Google Translate for Chrome is an official extension for Chrome Browser which makes translation very easy for users who deal with foreign languages and translation purpose. The uniqueness about this extension is that if you come across a web page which is not in the same langauge as your, it gives you an option automatically to translate in your language. ...

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Google translate now gives you live results

Looks like Google translate got some major improvement. One which I see is live translation i.e. Trnslation result is as you type in and Also the translation is much more improved making sense. Now I wonder why is that translate button is still there ?  Do share your experince on how did you like the new feature and how much ...

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Small standalone desktop agent for Google Translate

We have posted about AIRTranslate, an Adobe AIR application, actually a desktop agent for accessing the Google’s Translate service. Here, we will be talking about another desktop agent for Google Translate, known as Google Translate Desktop. Google Translate Desktop comes as a small zip download, and is a standalone application, and can be used on both Windows and Linux. Here ...

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Access Google Translate via Desktop Application

Almost all of us are familiar with the Google Translate, an online tool for translation. Here we are going to talk about an AIR Application, AIR Translate which works as a Translator, and it fetches and provides you the translations from the Google Translate. If you already have the Adobe AIR installed on your system, you just need to download ...

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Translate as you type, Into multiple languages and scripts

Nice Translator is a nice online tool which allows you to get the translations to text in multiple  languages in a flick. Its fast and does what it says. You can translate to and from 34 languages, like Arabic, Bulgarian, Italian, Japanese, Catalan, Korean, Chinese, Latvian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Czech, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, English, Romanian, Filipino, Russian, Finnish, Serbian, ...

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