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Recover deleted images Posted on Twitter

Recover deleted images Posted on Twitter

It is possible to recover a deleted tweet from Twitter if you have direct URL of the image. However the pic.twitter.com url which is given along with tweet does not work. It is possible that images are only marked as deleted to be removed in bulk.

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Analytics for Twitter ( Video )

Twitter Analyitcs Snapsots

Twitter for Analytics lets you comapre two twitter accounts based on factors like Top Tweets, Top Hashtag, Time of Tweet etc. This tool is based on Pivot and uses Twitter API to show results in Excel.

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How to enable a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

Wear a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

You would have seen people wearing badges on their Profile Pic on Twitter or Facebook; these badges are generally worn as a support to some cause or ongoing campaign. If you too want to wear a badge on your profile picture, here is an online service to do that. PicBadges is the service using which you can instantly enable or ...

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Find When did Anybody Join Twitter

Twitter Account Number

If you are curious to find out who joined twitter first, you or your friend it can be found.  This online tool whendidyoujointwitter.com takes in any user account and returns the joining date. Now to verify this I needed another tool which came from tweet of marshallk who noticed this in Twitter for iOS, that the # right under your ...

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Twitter’s #Official #Video on #5th Year celebration

Twitter has launched their new website discover.twitter.com which features the most prominent twitter users as listed by twitter and an Official Video which features these special people who are asked few questions like who do you follow and so on. Dont Miss it.!! Via Twitter Home Page. And here is the list of who to follow on specific areas. Art & Design ...

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What is #FollowFriday, and how to make recommendations easily

Easily make #FollowFriday recommendations with Follow Friday helper

If you are an avid Twitter user, you might be aware of #FollowFriday. If somehow you aren’t aware of it, it is just a way to make a recommendation to follow a Twitter user to your followers. Generally, as it says, the recommendations are made on Fridays, with the #FollowFriday hashtag in them. Generally people make recommendations manually by writing ...

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Top 10 Powerful Tweets for 2010

Obama 10 Tweets 2010

Twitter Blog has just now released a dedicated page for their top 10 Powerful Tweets. They have explained in their post how they chose the top 10 tweets of the year. Though it doesn’t explain a lot of stuff but the baseline is how much influence your tweet made must have mattered most. To choose the Top Ten Most Powerful Tweets, the ...

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Create Photo Album on Twitter with #ashAlbum

Twitter hahtag album

HashAlbum is an interesting tool for twitter which lets you find images / pictures on twitter using a hashtag such as #kintect, it brings all the pictures which Twitter users shared on twitter on public level. What is interesting is the stats it gives i.e. Number of photos, how many views and a Unique url for the hashtag which gets ...

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Instantly find out who is not following you back on Twitter

Get to know your Twitter followers, friends, and your following in detail F or F

We all know our followers count on Twitter, ever wanted to know how many people follow you back on Twitter (i.e. how many people follow you back, out of the people you follow)? There is a way to do so, by visiting the profile of each person you follow, but here is an online utility, which can do that in ...

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Why you should use the new Tweet Button and not Plain HTML

Tweet Button Count

Twitter recently has introduced the new twitter button which is similar to Facebook’s Like and really kicks the butt of the plain html way of making the tweet this on web pages.  Here is why Drawbacks of Simple HTML Twitter Share Button : Using plain HTML code ( sample code for WordPress below ) you can only let people share but there is no ...

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