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How to disable the dim desktop when UAC prompts in Windows

Group Policy Editor Secure Desktop

In Windows 7 and Vista when a program requires higher privilege to execute or when the Windows System finds it not safe, the user is given a prompt which dims the background and a pop up displays where you need to confirm to go ahead or cancel back. For many users specially in family this becomes little annoying so lets ...

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How to launch Windows Program with Administrator Privilege

Launch in Admin Mode

Control + Shift + Enter instead of enter. Thats the key. If you want to launch a program in Admin mode instead of doing right click and launch as administrator, Type its name in Windows Start Menu When you see it, navigate to the program using arrow keys and select it. Now hit Control + Shift + Enter. This will ...

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ByPass UAC by always launching programs with trust

UAC Trust Shortcut

UAC or User Account Control is an inbuilt security system which pops up into action whenever a program windows determines cannot be trusted to grant a complete or partial access. This is necessary to keep your computer and data secure but what becomes annoying is even though you know that program is trusted you are asked for it. Now UAC can be controlled by bring ...

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How to tweak your Vista performance Part -1

Microsoft just released of Windows Vista started to hit the market with lots of sales of licensed copies of windows vista with lots of flavored releases according to different type of user requirements .But some of the people actually using Windows Vista are not satisfied with their experience as it is heavy on the system with so much of graphics ...

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