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AVG LiveKive Review : Why you will like to use it

Online Backup, Sync and Sharing service by AVG LiveKive

A new service, named as LiveKive have been launched recently by the Popular Antivirus Company AVG. If we talk about such services, we do have several options available with us, but what makes LiveKive unique, is the automatic Backup feature. Simply create an account  later download the desktop client, now you can manage all your Backup, Sync, and Sharing operations ...

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Quickly upload screenshot, text, file from Windows Clipboard

ZUploader Apps

If you have copied anything using Windows Control + C,  moving it to a online services which can host images, simple text or files is minutes job for ZUploader which is simple but very powerful application.It is smart enough to understand what you have in your windows clipboard i.e. a file or an image or just simple text and when ...

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Track YouSendIt files on BlackBerry

You Send it Tracker List

YouSendIT is an Online service which allows you to share files which are bigger in size. It allows you to track each file and can tell you if the person downloaded it or not and at what time. The same tracking is now available in form of a Blackberry App which works over WiFi also. Since this is only a ...

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Share up to 100MB files easily for free

Senduit is online utility which allows you to upload files up to 100MBs is size, later you can send the link to this file with anyone with whom you want to share this file. Using this URL, the person at other end can easily download this file. Senduit also provides a feature using which you can decide the life span ...

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We Transfer : Changing Beautiful background gets file from A to B

Sending Large file is like so 2008 but We Transfer got a twist and its interesting on how this large file sending service makes money. Once you select the file and add who will receive it the file starts uploading and the background image of the service also changes every few seconds. According to their FAQ : Do you see ...

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Send Files up to 20GB (2GB max file size) in one go: SizableSend.com

We have posted about 9 File Sending and Sharing services; here is another service on same lines, SizableSend.com. SizableSend.com allows you to send files up to 2GB in size, and sending limit for every session is 20GB, i.e. you can send up to 10 files of 2GB each in one go. The interface is damn simple to use, no registration ...

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Tool to find folder size and export in tree structure

Finding size of the folder is one of the topic which we have always revisited and today we have another tool, directory size calculator, I would rather call it as directory analyzer, which gives in depth size detail, in tree structure,  of all the folders and subfolders it has. Though it would be easy to use Folder Size which integrates ...

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Mirror Fox lets you upload files to multiple places

Mirror Fox is another service on the block which lets you host your file into multiple hosting services like rapid share etc in a click. At the end it just gives you a list of links of the file to multiple file hosting services where you files were uploaded. Supported services are : RapidShare | EasyShare DepositFiles | FileFactory FlyUpload  ...

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Share and host files up to 10GB for free : File Savr

We talked about 9 File Sending and Sharing services, these services allow you to share files by uploading them on a remote server and later they give you a download link, which can be shared the way you want i.e. via email, on IM etc. Here is another service File Savr, which is actually a file hosting service, once you ...

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Send big files and folder attachments from Outlook : You Send it

Though Online Mail Services had started allowing larger files but when it comes to GB you just cannot use them. Apart from that there is delay in uploading to mail severs and so on. You Send it, which Manav has talked when he compared file sending services,is one service which allows you to upload larger has not integrated with Outlook ...

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Displaying folder size in Windows Explorer

Sometimes back we talked on how to find biggest folder of file size in windows but its bit of manual process and needs to be done when you really want to drill down whats occupying space on your hard disk.  Not for vista but at least for the previous version there is a solution, called as Folder Size,  available which ...

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