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Find which program is blocking USB device when ejecting

Program blocking USB ejecting

Many a time when you try to unplug your USB drive, you get an error message that the drive is in use by some program. It’s a reasonable precaution from Windows. It keeps you warned about a data transfer that might be taking place or any other use. If you unplug during that, it can result in data corruption. However, ...

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Protect your computer from infected USB Drives : USB Immunizer

USB Immunizer

If you take good care of your computer against antivirus, chances are you will never get your USB drive infected also but this cannot be guaranteed if one of your friend is getting  his USB drive to copy songs from your computer or you have used your USB drive in a cyber cafe. The only solution to this problem is ...

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How to move files between multiple USB drives simultaneously

Transfer data between multiple drives

Exchanging files, movies and sounds are the most common things which people use USB  Flash drives for and how much time do we spend on that ? Totally depends how many friends are there to get the data from you. So you copy first to your hard drive and then ask them to plug in the usb to your laptop ...

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Create secret partitions of your USB Flash Drive

How Rohos Drive Work

Creating partitions inside your USB drive is not possible because of the nature of the hardware but Rohos Mini Drive application uses a smart trick which lets you create partitions in your USB drive.  First let us understand what it does before we talk about rest of the features : First it claims part of your USB drive Storage. So ...

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The Ultimate tool for securing USB devices

USB Security Home

USB devices and portable hard disks are one of the most commonly used media to transfer files and they are the most vulnerable to carry virus inside. The best option is to have a good antivirus like Morro or others installed on your machine but you cannot find that on every computer. Keeping this in mind USB Security utilities was developed. Features ...

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USB vs The ROM’s – Who is going to win ?

I remember paying a thousand bucks for getting a 128 MB USB drive and that was like 5 years back but now you can get even a 4GB stick in lesser price. Technology has improved and you get sleeker, powerful and very compact devices in lesser price when compared. Few days back when I was cleaning up my Laptop and ...

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Add virtual recycle bin to Flash / USB drives

I remember my friend Kushal asking me why do files get deleted permanently from USB drives even if you dont do a shift + delete, the answer was simple there was no recycle bin associated with floating or plug play devices.  Well those were college days and we did not have time to find solution for this but One Tip ...

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Create a Windows 7 bootable USB or a DVD from ISO file

Microsoft has recently announced an ISO tool which lets  you create a boot-able USB or DVD from an ISO of Windows 7. This way you can go for a USB installation quickly without much of hard work.  If you boot from USB drive dont forget to change the drive order and select USB device prior to your hard disk device ...

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Home made Laptop Security lock with USB drive

Here is an interesting tip shared by one of our readers James for securing your laptop with a home made lock using your old USB drive. Hi, I am submitting a tech tip for your blog readers. —————– A New Life To Old Flash Drives.   Don’t throw your old USB flash drive away. Instead, you can use an old ...

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Create an exact copy of your USB device : USB Image Tool

You must have created an exact image of your Windows or any bootable cd but how about create an Image for a USB drive ? Why you need it ? Many a time we create boot disk for Windows on USB drive and now even Windows 7 can be installed from USB and what not. In this scenarios, Ghacks suggest ...

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Quickly create copy of your Windows Setup into USB Drive

If you are planning to install windows by using a USB drive or your friends CD rom isnt working to install Windows Win TO Flash is a quick option which lets you create an exact copy of Windows DVD or CD to flash.  Not all software allow you create a copy disk on USB drive but with this you can. ...

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