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Fade volume level of music slowly when you sleep or work

Many a people love to listen to music when they work but for people like me it becomes little distracting as the concentration increases. I tend to just close of the music player after 30 minutes and if you do the same here is one software that can do it for you slowly without bothering you at all. Timed Fader ...

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Reduce music volume as you get sleepy

Many of us have habit of listening to music when we go to sleep. After few minutes we do catch up sleep but the music goes on at the same volume and you definitely get caught by somebody in morning asking – Why don’t you shutdown or reduce your music volume when you go to sleep. Funny but how can ...

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Vista Allows to centrally manage volume of Individual Applications

This is an out of the box feature of Vista which allows you to control the sound of individual applications like yahoo messenger, windows live messenger or basically any application which is open and has sound related with it. This makes it easy for the users to control all of them from one place. You can find this by clicking ...

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