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Use Your Favorite Pictures from Flickr as Wallpaper


Getting a new desktop background or wallpaper every day makes anybody’s day interesting. Today we are talking about a software which helps you use your Favourite Flickr Photographs including one from your account as desktop background without you taking effort to download them individually. This application is called as Flickr Wallpaper Rotators which downloads and uses pictures from Flickr and use it ...

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Change Desktop Wallpaper with Weather

Wallpaper changer which changes wallpaper according to weather

We all are aware of the wallpaper changer feature in Windows 7, however the only criteria to auto change the wallpaper in Windows 7 is time span, i.e. you can choose to change the wallpaper only after a certain time interval. How about a wallpaper changer which can change the wallpaper as per the weather? Here is a small application, ...

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How to include multiple Folders in changing Desktop background using Windows 7

Desktop Background Picture Library

Though Windows 7 came with changing wallpaper automatically but including lot of wallpapers from different folder or sub folder is little tricky as you cannot include more folders directly. However Windows 7 Library can help you in including sub folder or any some folder you want to include in changing desktop background, also called as Wallpaper Slide Show. Default Settings ...

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Best Wallpaper Changer for Windows with Multiple Monitor Support

Facebook Switcher Johns Background Switcher

Though Windows 7 Allows you to quickly switch from one wallpaper to another but it is more restricted towards single monitors. Now, if you are kind of person who uses Multiple monitors for productivity, getting wallpaper for each of the monitors and ability to change them automatically makes lot of sense. Moreover if you can get beautiful wallpaper from social ...

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ThetaWall : Create Collage Wallpaper for your Desktop

How many times have you thought of a wallpaper which combines 3-4 of your favorite photos to create a single wallpaper ? The answer was” I need it ” when I asked few people around me and I am pretty sure many more do that. Theta Wall is small desktop application ( Wallpaper Management & Multi-Monitor Screen Saver) which combine ...

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