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Download HTC Phone’s animated weather clock for Windows 7

HTC Home

HTC Phone has a weather clock app which drizzles, shines and shows clouds depending on your current location. The application stays on the home screen of the phone. The same application is now available for Windows 7 and you can create a minimalistic desktop with it. It is  transparent which mixes well with the desktop background. It also comes along ...

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All-round weather report for any Location – AniWeather

Comprehensive Weather report for today and next 5 days with AniWeather Firefox and Chrome add-on

If you are interested in getting a detailed weather report for your location, there are several ways to do it; here is a simple way to get an all-round weather report, for any location. AniWeather is a Google Chrome extension, which can be used to get full details, i.e. temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. for any location instantaneously. When installed ...

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Track United States lightning activity with StrikeStarUS

Strike Star US is an online lightning activity tracker which lets you find out how often lightning strikes in United States. May be not accurately but an increasing count can give you a hint that how weather is changing with lots of cloud above battling against each other. Strike Star US is StrikeStar is client/server system, exclusively designed for the ...

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Get detailed Weather forecast for your city: Weather Pulse

Weather Pulse is an awesome application to get detailed weather forecasts and current conditions as well. Once installed this free software can give you weather forecasts in several ways, like an hourly report, 5 days forecast, detailed forecast, current conditions (temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Sunrise, Sunset etc.). As shown in above screenshot, you can choose the type of forecast you ...

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5 Amazing Mac Widgets : Download now!!

Apple is one of the “word” that turns my lights on!. Just surfing around for some apple stuff apart from Safari,  I found some of the awesome widgets which any apple user would love to use. I wish somebody can make it for windows too. To share Safari 3 is available for windows too but there are still lot of ...

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10 Steps to great game design part 1

Gaming is something which makes you different, Makes you enjoy the moment like you were doing it for real. Sometimes we feel making designs. May be not everybody but who are skilled at designs and logic can make a magnificent game remembered. So what you do before you start making a game.!!!! Read about it not games but how to ...

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