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Watch your Webcam at home from anywhere

Turning your webcam  into a surveillance device so you can watch whats going on in your room or wherever the webcam is set, is an excellent thought specially if you can watch it from anywhere. Below is a list of such software and online utilities that help you do so. My Camera Link MyCameraLink is one such online utility which ...

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Update your Twitter profile picture using your webcam

Snapatar is an online tool which allows you to change/update your Twitter profile picture in two steps. This tool is damn simple to use, all you need to do is open the page in browser, allow it to access your webcam, finally pose the way you want, and shoot a photo using the ‘Snap!’ button. Once done with this, enter ...

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Your daily dose of laughter – Jokey Phone

Jokey Phone is an online service, which lets you tell and listen jokes. Jokey Phone can be best visualized as YouTube for Jokes. Simply access the home page of Jokey Phone, and choose whatever you want to do here, you can submit a new joke, by uploading a video file or by capturing yourself while telling a joke using your ...

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Generate scannable barcode from text for free

Barcode label printer is a simple online application which generates printable barcode image out of the text provided by you. It also allows you to customize the text, width and border so it comes exactly the way you want. These barcodes are scannable barcode in Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128 A, B, or C symbologies. They even ...

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Play and Control Game Movements with Webcam

Playing Virtual reality games had always been the passion of gamers because you interact more and you feel being in the game rather than just pushing buttons outside of the box. These games not only make your mind work but also make your body work. Virtual games come at a cost and its still not affordable to play or buy ...

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Download Free Webcam Software

False Camera Demo

Web cams are always fun whether its friends or professional work. Here is a collection of  free ( you can download for free) plus 1 commercial webcam software which allows you right from stream virtual video streams, capturing images, uploading it to ftp, capturing videos from TV Tuner or friends webcam to Making the images funny and decorative. They even ...

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