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How to enable Windows 7 Hotspot or Virtual WiFi

create Windows 7 Hotspot

We talked about Connectify, a software which uses available Hotspot Enabler Tools to create a Windows 7 hotspot. If you do not want to use the software, you can use the command-line technique to create a Wifi hotspot.  Long Zheng came with an update which explains how it works: After downloading and installing the drivers, assuming your WiFi chipset supports ...

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Find if the flight you are travelling has Wireless Internet

Your flight has wifi

When planning a flight of duration of more than 5 to 6 hours it becomes impossible to stay away from internet if you are into it like crazy. Some International Flights like Delta provide internet connection in some of their flights and most probably you will get to know this when you book tickets but if you need to know ...

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A Webpage to turn Windows 7 into a hotspot


Windows 7 has a feature which can turn it into a router which in turn means you do not need to have router at your home and can use any Windows 7 enabled Laptop or desktop as hotspot and share internet connection with rest of the computer at home. This feature doesn’t have in-built control to enable or disable so ...

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Create Virtual Router using Windows 7 / Windows 2008

Maryfi Windows Hotspot

Looks like after Connectify, Windows 7 is going to get boost for its “no GUI available” Virtual Wifi. Below is a list of software that will help you enable Virtual Wifi on your Windows 7 or Windows 2008 or above machines. If this does not work you can also be manually configure virtual WIFI. Virtual Router @ Codeplex This is another software on the ...

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Auto connect to Open WIFI with Wifi Finder

We talked about inSSider, A wifi locator which can help you in finding the WIFI on the move  but  then  you need to keep your monitor and lid turned which drains your battery life.  QuickLZ came up with an application on top of this application which confirms that WIFI is available when it starts singing Ding Ding Ding Ding!! lol ...

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Find WIFI access points and hot spots around you on Google Maps

NodeDB is an online database which can help you find wi-fi access points , hot spots, fixed connections and even repeaters around you with results getting displayed in Google Maps. This service is free to everybody and you can even register your location with details of such as antenna description and pictures, SSID of the AP, even URLs to the ...

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